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Library: Reading and writing Amiga partition tables with "Hst Amiga"
Henrik Nørfjand Stengaard's "Hst Amiga" (see also his HstWB Installer) is a library for reading and writing Amiga partition table, file systems, data types and is available as a Nuget package for .Net and a console application for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Version 0.3.156 is the first official release of Hst Amiga console focused on creating and updating Amiga icon files. It can also import, export and convert icon images supporting planar, new icon and color icon. Tool types can also be imported and exported.

Hst Amiga Nuget package contains following features:
  • Datatypes
    • Read, write disk objects containing icons and tool types. Supports planer, new icon and color icon images.
  • Read and write Rigid Disk Block (RDB), Amiga partition table.
  • File systems
    • Read, write and format Fast File System (FFS) partitions. Supports DOS types DOS0-7.
    • Read, write and format Professional File System 3 (PFS3) partitions. Supports DOS types PFS3, PDS3.
  • Read version strings.
Hst Amiga console version comes with following features:
  • Icons
    • Create and update icons.
    • Import and export icon images, supporting iff, png and bmp image formats.
    • Convert icon images between bit plane, new icon and color icons.

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