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WHDLoad: Graphical user-interface iGame 2.4.1
iGame is a MUI-based frontend for starting WHDLoad games ( reported). George 'walkero' Sokianos has released version 2.4.1 for AmigaOS 2.04 and higher, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. Changes:

  • Now the Genre list is populated from the files and the genre file, if it exists, although it is not necessary. The genre filtering is working with these new values
  • Added a new cycle box that lets the user filter the results based on the chipset. This requires in settings the "Prefer files" to be enabled
  • Fixed a hit when the entry properties are requested without having a selected entry.
  • When real-time filtering is enabled at least 3 characters are required so as to be initiated. Less than 3 characters are ignored, unless the filtering by pressing the enter button is enabled.
  • Removed the filtering options from the Genre list and moved them to their own select box above the entries list
  • Now, even if the list entries list is populated a new repository scan will update the Chipset and Genre information based on the data found in files.
  • If the "Prefer files" is not enabled those files are not used during the scan of repositories
Direct download: iGame-v2.4.1-20230719.lha (434 Kb) (dr)

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