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OS4Depot uploads until 12.08.2023
The following files have been added until 12.08.2023 to OS4Depot:
libfreetype.lha          dev/lib 3Mb   4.1 A Free, High-Quality, and Portab...
libharfbuzz.lha          dev/lib 6Mb   4.1 HarfBuzz text shaping engine
libsdl_ttf.lha           dev/lib 2Mb   4.1 A Freetype 2.0 wrapper for SDL
libsdl2_ttf.lha          dev/lib 4Mb   4.1 A Freetype 2.0 wrapper for SDL2
ciccioview.lha           gra/vie 656kb 4.0 A simple viewer written in Holly...
mediathek.lha            net/mis 3Mb   4.0 Downloading Movies from differen...
mediavault_script.lha    net/mis 16kb  4.0 Choose player or download stream...
aamp.lha                 net/ser 130Mb 4.1 Amiga Apache MySQL PHP. A develo...
aamp-src.lha             net/ser 16Mb  4.1 Sources of AAMP (Amiga Apache My...
cocktailsshaker.lha      uti/mis 439kb 4.0 Cocktails database
owlong.lha               uti/she 12kb  4.0 Times the duration of a command.
tubexx.lha               vid/pla 2Mb   4.0 ARexx script to play Youtube videos
vamp.lha                 vid/pla 2Mb   4.0 Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player

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