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Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine 2023.3 / RetroAnimator (update)
The "Scorpion Engine" by Erik 'earok' Hogan enables the development of games. The engine itself is not open source, but all included demos and demo games are. The editor itself runs on Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, for level creation the editor Tiled is used. For sounds, music and animations Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5) are used.

According to the developer the Scorpion Engine 2023.3 is the fastest version to date, and among many smaller improvements, it features a handful of major upgrades:
  • Support for the RetroAnimator animation toolkit for fluid animations.
  • Support for CDTV/CD32 music on Amiga.
  • Support for Column Scrolling on Mega Drive.
  • Export to CDTV/CD32 ISO on Amiga.
  • Export to DragonDrive cartridge on Mega Drive.
There is also a new introduction video that briefly covers all of the tabs, as well as the differences between the Amiga and Mega Drive platforms.

Update: (16:16, 25.08.23, dr)

As Erik Hogan informs us, he has now also released the above-mentioned RetroAnimator on his Patreon website. RetroAnimator is a toolkit that can be used to create super fluid animations with minimal memory usage. It was previously only used in Engine 9000 (which was used to make MetroSiege), now it's available to Scorpion Engine developers as well (though it technically could be adapted to any engine as it uses a simple JSON data format). (dr)

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