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Amiga Tool Jam: AmiAuthenticator v1.0.2 (update)
AmiAuthenticator was also written for the Amiga Tool Jam and is a 2FA (two-factor authentication) code generator for the Amiga that is compatible with many websites that use 2FA. It generates TOTP (Time based one time passwords) codes with SHA1 or SHA256. Similar (non-Amiga) applications are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and FreeOTP. These codes can be used to secure access to various websites, e.g. GitHub, LastPass, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram.

Depending on preference or installed GUI, the tool can be started as a MUI-, ReAction- or Gadtools-based version. All versions require at least Kickstart/Workbench 2.0. Since a UTC time source is needed, it is important that the system clock is set accurately and it is preferable to have a real-time clock installed or to synchronise the system with the internet. The source code is available on GitHub.

Update: (31.10.2023, 21:00, dr)

Version 1.02 released:
  • fixed invalid memory access error on first startup causing a crash for some users
  • the items saving was completely broken and was saving blank string
Direct download: AmiAuthenticator-1.0.2.lha (75 KB) (dr)

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