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AmigaOS 4: Status update of WebKit port
George 'walkero' Sokianos describes the current status of the Webkit port in a forum post on Amigans ( reported):

"For some time now, the port was around 54% of the WebCore library compilation. At that point, I was getting around 10K of errors, and I was trying to figure out why this was happening and where exactly was the problem. Just last week, with the help of Kas1e who discovered what was wrong, he found that the problem was a missing curly bracket I stupidly removed a year ago accidentally. By fixing that, I managed to have WebCore library compiling up to 99%.

Actually, I already started working on a minimal window with a web view that will be able to show just one website. That's the next goal."

And Roman 'kas1e' Kargin has added: "the whole webcore is more or less cross-platform, while remain 1% is platform specific: an actual thing to render in, open a window, blit things in, gui, etc, etc. All should be written for OS4. That is harder part and real programming.
Once, George will have a window to which sites render, then - in worse case, even without gui - one can make a binary to which you spend a url and it opens window and render to it. It will be not a browser, but something as a start. At least we can test if core works , how fast, what need to fix, deal with crashes (i am sure there will). The fact that core compiles, doesnt mean all works as expected, it is unknown by now".

In this context, George suggests that another team take over the development of this part of the browser if there are interested parties. The current team could then continue to take care of WebKit, fix problems and keep it up to date.

The main repository can now be found on GitHub under "AmigaLabs". (dr)

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