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CLI command: sysvars V0.10
The sysvars command creates environment variables with system information in order to make it dependent on these, for example, in the startup sequence, which patches are included. So far there is information on the CPU and FPU, the chipset, the vertical frame rate (PAL/NTSC) as well as whether the emulator UAE is used - and if so, in which version.

Version 0.10 provides the following changes:
  • Added $KickVer and $KickEnv that provide kickstart version and revision
  • $UAE is now split in $UAEMajor, $UAEMinor and $UAERev for more convenient scripting
  • Added detection of bsdsocket.library ($BSDSockLib contains the id string, $BSDSockLibVer the version, and $BSDSockRev the revision)
  • Refactoring and code improvements (still learning though)
    • Easy way to disable certain variables/features at the beginning of the file using constants (Adapt to your need and make the tool as tiny as possible)
    • Unified SetVar approach using macros
    • Easier integration of new features via consistent scheme
    • Better comments
  • added test script for startup-sequence
Direct download: sysvars.lha (11 KB) (dr)

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