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Amiga emulator: Amiberry 5.6.3 (update)
Amiberry is an Amiga emulator for ARM-based single-chip systems like the Raspberry Pi, the Odroid XU4 or the Tinkerboard from ASUS, which brings some newly developed features like a "WHDLoad-Booter" or support for controller configuration using RetroArch. For example it is used in the Workbench distribution AmiKit for the Raspberry Pi 4/400.

Now version 5.6.2 has been released. Changes:

  • DiskSwapper slots should be 10
  • Virtual Keyboard options were not saved correctly
  • fixed a few memory leaks from the GUI
  • fixed another GUI memory leak
  • don't shutdown graphics when showing gui message
  • Fixed memory leak when using AROS rom
  • fixed crash on startup on x86_64 platform
  • fixed types diff between classes
  • fix naming of start_minimized
  • rename local variable to avoid shadow of global one
  • fixed crash if Restart was pressed
  • GUI would not redraw always after ShowMessage was triggered
  • actually fix
  • fix CMake build on branch
  • added flatpak package files
  • improved help text in DiskSwapper panel
  • attempt to transliterate characters that fail to be converted
  • don't disable CD drive if no image path is specified
  • if start_minimized is specified, do not show a window on startup
  • check for usage help cmd line parameter early
  • Hide the Linux hidden directories from dialogs
  • improved help text in GUI->Expansions
  • added VSync option
  • added missing help text in GUI->Priority
Build system
  • added RPI4 debian builds
  • replace self-hosted RPI builds with docker
  • fixed incorrect docker image reference
  • fixed remaining incorrect docker image references
  • Added RPI5 in automated builds
  • updated flatpak metainfo
  • updated Github workflow, include flatpak in releases
  • add libserialport sources to externals
  • prefer archive, avoid permission issues
  • change branch for flatpak
  • added USE_LTO option in Makefile
  • fixed cmake build (for x86-64)
  • add Raspberry Pi5
Update: (12.11.2023, 21:20, dr)

Today version 5.6.3 has been released. Changes:

  • Improved Help text in GUI->Display panel
  • Improved Help text in GUI->DiskSwapper
  • Optionally keep a backup of existing file, when downloading updates
  • Improved DMS support
  • merged various updates from the preview branch
  • Show SDL2 render thread option in the GUI
  • disable SDL2 render thread checkbox on KMSDRM
Build System
  • updated flatpak manifest
Build System
    Removed smaller flatpak icons Removed extra options from Cmake Flatpak fixes updated flatpak content rating to 1.1
(dr) (Translation: dr)

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