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Controlling Sonos speakers: SonosController 1.4 for all Amiga systems
Known for his Workbench simulation TAWS, Michael Rupp has also been working on his Amiga program for controlling Sonos loudspeakers since 2021: SonosController ( reported). He has now released version 1.4, for the first time also for AROS and thus for all Amiga systems, written in the Hollywood 10.

As the author reports, he had set up AROS One 2.4 on his older "tinker PC", including a functioning network, and was finally able to test the AROS version of the Sonos controller. After implementing a workaround for a small Zune bug, everything now also works with AROS. The changes in the new version:
  • NEW: first release for AROS x86
  • NEW: ARexx command REINDEX to invoke re-indexing the Sonos music library
  • NEW: include all icons in every distribution in new subdrawer "Icons"
  • NEW: include additional icons by AMIGASYSTEM (thanks Carlos!)
  • IMPROVED: reloading the browser with F5 will not loose the selected position and item anymore.
  • FIXED: loading of data (playlists, queues, etc.) is no longer limited to 100 entries (bug introduced with 1.3).
  • FIXED: if network is off the app won't crash on startup but show an error message.
  • FIXED: possible crash when clicking the "looking for Sonos..." entry.

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