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OS4Depot uploads until 23.03.2024
The following files have been added until 23.03.2024 to OS4Depot:
pt2_clone.lha            aud/tra 24Mb  4.1 Ported clone of Protracker II
liba52.lha               dev/lib 722kb 4.1 low-level interface to decode AC...
libsdl2_mixer.lha        dev/lib 3Mb   4.1 Mixer library for Simple DirectM...
libsdl2_gfx.lha          dev/lib 2Mb   4.1 Drawing and graphical effects ex...
libsdl2_image.lha        dev/lib 2Mb   4.1 SDL2 image file loading library
libsmpeg2.lha            dev/lib 2Mb   4.1 SDL2 MPEG Player Library (SMPEG2)
libtiff.lha              dev/lib 8Mb   4.1 Lib for handling Tag Image File ...
libsdl2_net.lha          dev/lib 88kb  4.1 SDL2_net portable network library
sdlpop.lha               gam/adv 2Mb   4.1 Open-source port of Prince of Pe...
h2_locale_pol.lha        gam/fps 18kb  4.0 Unofficial Polish localization f...
h2_locale_rus.lha        gam/fps 189Mb 4.0 Unofficial Russian localization ...
thf.lha                  gam/fps 77Mb  4.0 THF for Heretic II Multiplayer Mod
letter-worm.lha          gam/puz 7kb   4.0 Collect letters and fly away as ...
hwp_pangomonium.lha      lib/hol 13Mb  4.0 Hollywood plugin for advanced te...
amiupdate_fin.lha        uti/wor 38kb  4.1 Finnish catalogs for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_pol.lha        uti/wor 39kb  4.0 Polish catalog files for AmiUpdate
mplayer.lha              vid/pla 28Mb  4.1 A powerful multimedia video and ...

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