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07.Jul.2005 (Webseite)

Terra Soft "value-added reseller" for the Genesi's Open Desktop Workstation
Terra Soft Solutions are pleased to announce their value added reseller partnership for Genesi's Open Desktop Workstation at the title link.

Also the ODW is available now at the webshop of the US located computer reseller Directron. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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29.Jun.2005 (Webseite)

Genesi: Website for the upgrade program for Pegasos I owners online (2nd Update)
For Genesi's announced upgrade from Pegasos I/G3 boards to Pegasos II/G4 for EUR 200 ( reported) one can now apply for at the title link. The program is available only to 1st hand owners of a Pegasos I.

If you don't know how to prove this you may contact Genesi and the isuues wille be worked out together.

Also required is the MAC address of the internal Ethernet port. How to read out that is deocumented in the manual of your regarding driver or network stack of your system.

Please note also that the shipping cost for sending your Pegasos I is on your side. Alternativly you can keep your Pegasos I for an additional fee of EUR 100.

The Pegasos II will be send immediately afer veryfication of your data and receipt of the Pegasos I board

The send back Pegasos I boards must be fully intact and will be endowed to the Debian SkoleLinux project for education facilities. Please take care while packing the board, malfunctioning or otherwise flawed boards will be excluded from the upgrade program.

Update: (18:21, 30.06.05, snx)
Customers without a credit card may send an e-mail to, according to a comment by Genesi's management at

Update 2: (09:39, 01.07.05, snx)
As Genesi announce in a comment at MorphZone, this time-limited upgrade offer will end July 10. All orders received so far would have been shipped already. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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IOSPIRIT has moved
IOSPIRITs move to a new building is now almost complete and from now on should only have minor to no effects on their availability and productivity. The developer and publisher is now back to normal. Their new contact data is now available in the imprint of the The Amiga-pages are be kept online at (ps) (Translation: nba)

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