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24.Sep.2005 (Webseite)

Troika and Guru Meditation disclose cooperation (Update)
On the occasion of the British event Big Bash 3, the Swedish dealer Guru Meditation and the young hardware smiths Troika disclosed their cooperation in the development of the mini-ITX PowerPC board "Amy'05". The aimed production costs per board lie under 400 British pounds (around 590 Euros).

Meanwhile, Troika presents itself on the web with a new homepage, which, apart from remarks about the previous history of the project "Prometheus," which is now designated as "Amy," also specifies more components of this board than those known so far. However, the prototype that was announced for the event in Peterborough is no longer completed on time.

The specifications of the planned PowerPC board:
  • Processor: PPC 750Fx processor with Active (fan) cooling. Soldered directly to motherboard.
  • Northbridge: Tundra Semiconductor TSI107 Northbridge device. This provides access to SDR RAM memory and the PCI bus amongst other things.
  • Ethernet: RTL8110 Gb/100/10 Ethernet controller.
  • USB 2.0: 5 x High Speed USB 2.0 ports: 3 rear connectors, 2 front connectors.
  • ATA 100/133: Sil0680 ATA133 controller. Supports 2 channels (4 devices). Full ATA 100/133 transfer rates, DMA bus mastering and RAID (Raid is dependent on OS drivers).
  • Audio: CMI8738 6-channel 5.1 surround sound with audio headers. Support for Line In, microphone (Analogue) and SPDIF (digital input).
  • PCI slot: 2 x 33 Mhz, 32bit.
  • SDRAM: 2 x DIMM memory slots (REG PC133 SDRAM. Max of 1GB)
Update: (08:05, 25.09.05, snx)
According to a message from the developer, differently from stated, the upper limit of 400 British pounds should not be about the production costs, but about the end user price. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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GoldED Studio blow-out sale
In about two weeks, the next version of GoldED will be released (Screenshot).

Due to the fact that the name of the software has changed from GoldED Studio to Cubic IDE ("An integrated development environment that includes GoldED8") - some packaging material is now obsolete. If anybody is interested: the remaining GoldED Studio AIX items can be purchased at a steep discount, 25 EUR rather than 69,90 EUR. The catch is that, at this price, items are not upgradeable.

If interested, use the author's contact form to reserve an item. Numbers are limited. (snx)

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AHT International (E-Mail)

AHT International: First Prototyp of a IP-TV-Moduls
AHT International, a company, how designed Settopboxes with Linux and AROS ( reported) , notify a IP-TV-Modul with projectname "Viper".

The Prototyp use a STB-Chip, one SCART- and two RJ45-connectors and make is possible to use IP-TV, Video-on-demand and Internet on a TV-Modul (Photo). (snx) (Translation: aj)

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