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MorphZone (website)

Genesi: MorphOS Edition of Open Desktop Workstation available
As already in case of the Linux distribution Gentoo, Genesi now do also sell a MorphOS Edition of the Pegasos II-based Open Desktop Workstation (ODW) at the title link.

Price and configuration are the same as for the normal ODW version, but for every MorphOS Edition ODW sold, 50 US-Dollar will be donated to the General Fund of the MorphBounties at MorphZone.

The Open Desktop Workstation is configured as follows:
  • Pegasos II with G4 processor (1 GHz)
  • 512 MB DDR-RAM
  • 80 GB Harddisk
  • DVDRW drive (Dual-Layer)
  • ATI Radeon 9250 graphics board
  • Low profile, small footprint case (useable in tower or desktop orientation)
Not included in the configuration are keyboard, mouse and screen. (snx)

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Amiga Future (website)

Genesi: Support for the AMCC 440EP Yosemite board (Update)
Press release Genesi is pleased to announce that it will provide under license the Pegasos hardware abstraction layer and IEEE 1275 compliant Open Firmware (HAL/OF) for the recently released AMCC 440EP Yosemite Board.

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach brings with it immediate GNU/Linux kernel support as well as support from a growing number Linux distributions, including Debian, Gentoo, YDL, Ubuntu, CruxPPC, Montavista and Fedora. An OpenSolaris PowerPC port is also underway. The Pegasos HAL/OF has been used and is being used to support PowerPC-based platforms from Freescale, IBM and now AMCC.

Genesi recently participated in the first European meeting of held at the Barcelona Super Computer Center. At the Event the Pegasos HAL/OF approach was discussed as a potential standard for PowerPC based boards to speed system enablement.

"Already, companies like Genesi USA Inc. are building PowerPC processor-based systems using the IEEE 1275 Open Firmware model to bring PowerPC technology, flexibility, and efficiency to the desktop, low-end server, home entertainment, and pervasive computing markets at an affordable price. The hardware abstraction layer of the PegasosPPC has been integrated into the mainline GNU/Linux kernel and includes an x86 emulation extension which allows generic PC-based components to be used."

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach enables the vast software resources currently available on the Open Desktop Workstation to be shared with other PowerPC-based platforms. The Open Desktop Workstation is a CHRP compliant platform based on the Pegasos and composed of standard PC components. The Pegasos HAL/OF provides a logical successor to the CHRP standard replacing hardware dependent code with API callbacks to an abstraction layer that provides a common interface to operating systems and/or applications as required.

Update: (18:51, 23.08.05, snx)
At you can find a photo and an article about the Yosemite board. (snx)

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Grasshopper LLC (ML)

PageStream: IRC session / Updates for AmigaOS/68k and MorphOS imminent
As Grasshopper LLC inform on their mailing list, updates for PageStream 5.0 are imminent. Besides a much improved MorphOS version, there will also be an Amiga/68k release for the first time.

Furthermore there will be an IRC session with Deron Kazmeier (IRC nick: "PageStreamSupport") to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PageStream. The conference will start on August 27 at 22:00 CEST (3 PM Central Standard Time) on at channel #PageStream. Some systems will require a specific server (a few users have used if all else fails).

To celebrate this anniversary, users who purchase (or have already purchased) PageStream 5.0 or PageStream 5.0 Pro will find a grab bag of goodies in the download section including some commercial clip art and the Amiga's much beloved TypeSmith font editor. These goodies will be available until the end of this month only. (snx)

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Michael Bhmer (ANF)

USB-controller: SUBWAY production running again
E3B announces the availability of its famous SUBWAY USB clockport controller. Due to numerous requests from the Amiga communitiy E3B has started a last production run of its SUBWAY controller to give interested Amiga users the chance to order one of these clockport modules to expand the Amiga 1200 with a regular USB port. (snx) (Translation: nba)

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