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Archive 'New hardware and software products'


Software news until 10.03.2008
Christian Rosentreter has released updates of some of his AmigaOS/MorphOS tools, aswell as a port of the SDL based board game Atakks. There's also an update of the AmigaGuide/HTML viewer strangé aswell as a converter for HivelyTracker and AHX music modules.

SerialEcho 50.5

SerialEcho works like the AmigaDOS built-in command 'Echo', but its output is redirected to the serial port instead (which can be catched with another computer connected to the serial port or a tool like Sashimi). New in version 50.5:
  • fixed enforcer hit when SerialEcho was used w/o arguments
  • OS4 port
  • AROS port thx to Matthias Rustler (binary archive only available on aros-archives atm.)


serialecho-50.5-morphos.lha (2.6 KB)
serialecho-50.5-amigaos.lha (2.2 kB)
serialecho-50.5-os4.lha (4.0 KB)
serialecho-50.5-source.tar.gz (4.6 KB)
serialecho-50.5-source.tar.bz2 (4.8 KB)

Tooltype 1.4

Tooltype is a commandline tool for manipulation of the tooltype array wich is contained in icon files (#?.info). Now includes an OS4 port.


tooltype-1.4-morphos.lha (4.8 KB)
tooltype-1.4-os4.lha (9.3 KB)

Atakks 1.0

Atakks is an Othello-like clone for one or two players (Screenshot). The game will start in two player mode, but it's possible to enable the AI for the blue player by pressing 'i' during the game. Press 'q' to quit. If manually launched from commandline a french help is available with '-h' parameter.

Changes compared to orig. version:
  • removed extreme CPU usage for no reason
  • better 'Quit' handling during play
  • nifty iconx start script to catch the standard output in an acceptable way when game was started from Ambient
  • MorphOS icon
  • other cosmetics


atakks-1.0-morphos.lha (110 KB)
atakks-1.0-source.tar.gz (58 KB)
atakks-1.0-morphos.diff (31 KB)

MPDControl 0.3 (Release Candidate)

MPDControl is a very basic commandline based client for the Music Player Daemon (short: MPD). Music Player Daemon allows remote access for playing music (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Mod and Wave files) and managing playlists. MPD is designed for integrating a computer into a stereo system that provides control for music playback over a local network.

With MPDControl it is now possible to control a MPD server from MorphOS. E.g. have MPD running on an EFIKA with Linux and manage everything comfortably from a Pegasos with MorphOS. MPDControl can be used as a MMKeyboard or Toolmanager hotkey or be launched via some simple project icons and AmigaDOS scripts from a dedicated Ambient panel. The possibilities are numerous.

Download: mpdcontrol-0.3-morphos.lha (11 KB)

strangé 0.23

strangé is a MUI-based AmigaGuide-/HTML-viewer implemented using HTMLView.mcc. Changes in version 0.23:
  • fixed @Title parsing in Amigaguide
  • added @Macro handling in Amigaguide
  • now Amigaguide parser uses Asyncio and it is *a lot faster*
  • other various little tries to make the whole thing faster

Link: Website

Ling 1.7 MUI4

Ling is a password database which stores passwords after encrypting them with a BlowFish-CBC alorythm.

Link: Webseite


Peter 'Xeron' Gordon's HVL2WAV converts music modules from HivelyTracker or AHX into a WAV file. There are binaries for OS4 and Windows in the archive, and the source is included which should build for most platforms with a little makefile tweaking.

Download: (57 KB) (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Moo Bunny (Forum)

AROS: WebKit preview (alpha version) for the daring
In order to allow AROS users that are keen on experimenting a test of the current development status of his WebKit port, Robert Norris has released a preview version under the title link (screenshot).

Please note that this early alpha version of the future web browser Traveller is still unusable for the most part and will definitely crash. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Game: Koules 1.4 ported
The game Koules (screenshot) has been ported in version 1.4. It requires an Amiga with at least a 68040-processor, AGA/RTG and AmigaOS 3.x.

  • 1-5 players simultaneously
  • Sound effects
  • Triple keyboard and double joystick/gamepad support
  • Source code
Download: Koules.lha (196 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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