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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

Richard Drummond (E-Mail)

AmigaOS 4: libjpeg.library inclusive JPEG-Tools
Richard Drummond has published a Shared Library Implementation of libjpeg which is a library that makes the use of JPEG pictures for programmers easier.

The archive contains several JPEG-tools which require this library. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS: CDVDFS 1.0, trackdisk.device 41.2, SearchStar 0.81


CDVDFS is a file system for CD and DVD media. ISO-9660, RockRidge Interchange Protocol and Macintosh HFS as well as Microsoft Joliet and special characters.

Link: Download site
Download: CDVDFS.lha (242 KB) (Readme)

trackdisk.device 41.2

trackdisk.device is a driver for the floppy controller of the Pegasos motherboard. With the new version written accesses are supported.

Link: Download site
Download: trackdisk.lha (28 KB) (Readme)

SearchStar 0.81

SearchStar searches the content of the harddrive for certain characters. In version 0.81 a minor bug was fixed.

Link: Homepage (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Martin Merz (ANF)

New 32 bit icons from
Martin 'Mason' Merz has released several new and reworked icon archives in the new AmigaOS 4 format. The new packages are:
  • AmiDiskMI: A full icon and drawer set for AmiDisk with preconfiguered support for AISS toolbar images. (needs AISS Version 3.2)
  • Disks&FoldersMI: The collection of disk and folder icons got just a small update
  • TritonMI: A prefs icon for OpenTriton
  • RDesktopMI: An icon and drawer set for RDesktop. The internal images will follow soon.
  • Switcher3DMI: An icon and drawer set for Switcher3D
(cg) (Translation: cg)

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Thorsten Herbert (ANF)

PPC hardware: Sam440ep available to industrial customers
Press release: ACube Systems Srl is pleased to announce the completion of Sam440ep project.

The board is actually available for selected industrial customers in three different configurations of the AMCC 440ep processor: 400Mhz with 128MB onboard memory, 533Mhz with 256MB onboard memory and 667Mhz with 512MB onboard memory.

On demand it is possible to customize the board with a number of options: cctalk, DiskOnChip, SmartMedia connector, LVDS port, DIMM 100 slot, variable FPGA size from 5.8 KLuts to 19.7 Kluts.

The porting of a number of Operating Systems has already begun.

For further informations please write to (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

WHDLoad: Graphical interface iGame 1.1
iGame is an MUI-based interface for starting and managing WHDLoad games. The new version contains several bug fixes. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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