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Archive 'New hardware and software products'


Windows/Linux: AmigaDOS Amiga Disk File Checker
With ADFCHK ("AmigaDOS Amiga Disk File Checker") you can check if Amiga-Disk-Images have checksum errors or simple bootblock viruses ("LAMER" is already recognized, "boot-lamer" will follow).

The tool is mainly meant for using in batch files where you want to check many files. There are three corresponding .BAT-scripts for Windows users. The "menu-modus" is still in a very early developing status.

Linux users have to compile ADFCHK for yourself. All required parts are included in the source code archive. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

AC3-Encoder (MUI-GUI for aften)
AC3-Encoder is a simple, MUI-based graphical user-interface for the command line program aften.

Additionally to RxMUI and ARexx, version 13.0.0 or higher of sox (sox-13.0.0.lha, 1 MB; MorphOS version) must be installed to create 5-channel-wave-files which aften requires.

All wave-files must be available in the format mono / 16 Bit / 48000 Hz and must not be compressed. The AC3-file is created with 448 Kbit and therefore corresponds the standard-AC3-streams of DVDs.

ac3encoder.lha (12 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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10.Nov.2008 (Forum)

Emulator: UAE for Nintendo Wii
Based on UAE4ALL under the title link a first beta version of the Amiga emulator UAE for the game console Nintendo Wii was published. (snx) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 10. Nov. 2008, 07:36] [Comments: 0]
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