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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

31.Jul.2008 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Diagnosis tool TaskTree 1.3
TaskTree written by Christian "Tokai" Rosentreter shows all current tasks by hierachy inclusive of possible parent/child-relations. In this way you can check which task has started other processes. TaskTree requires MorphOS 2.0. If there should be sufficient interest the author may adapt it to MorphOS 1.x.

Download: tasktree-1.3.lha (3,3 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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openSUSE: WinUAE-version for Linux
Via Winelib the openSUSE-build-service has published an under Linux/i586 usable version of the Amiga-emulator WinUAE for openSUSE 11. You can get further information about limitations as well as known problems under the title link. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Individual Computers announces new scandoubler "Indivision AGA"
Press release: During the 80s, it was common use to build computers in a way that they can output their picture on a TV set. This was done in order to reduce the overall system cost for the user. TV sets work with lower frequencies compared to today's monitors, therefore the picture flickers. A flickerfixer converts the signal in a way that a modern VGA monitor or TFT-display can be used. The name flickerfixer was mainly created because the problem of a flickering picture is solved.

We've already had a very successful product called Indivision in 2002. It was connected to the monitor output of the computer, but it has been sold out in 2006. Flickerfixers are in high demand. One unit of our external flickerfixer Indivision has been sold on an internet auction platform for more than 900 US Dollars in march of this year. That's more than four times the last retail price! The popularity and stability of value of our products cannot be proved any better. We have already started development of a new flickerfixer in november 2007, which is finished now.

The first flickerfixers for the Amiga have already been available 17 years ago. Since that time, all flickerfixers - including ours - have been using the same principle: The picture frequency was doubled. This is not enough for most modern VGA monitors and TFT-displays, as the picture of a computer with PAL standard was only displayed at slightly less than 50Hz. Most monitors require 60Hz or more these days.

With Indivision AGA, we're striking a new path. As the name suggests, it's a flickerfixer that is very closely tied to the AGA chipset. This could only be realized by putting the flickerfixer inside of the computer. The product is mounted over the Video-Chip "Lisa". The VGA display is connected directly to the flickerfixer. Further connections are not necessary.

Listing all features of the flickerfixer would go beyond the scope of this news item. You can find the complete technical data in this PDF-overview. The outstanding features are:
  • 24 Bit colour resolution in all screenmodes
  • support for super hires modes
  • Highgfx support up to 1024x768 pixels
  • all screenmodes can be displayed at 60Hz or more
  • no adjustments necessary

Two options have been added for retro-gaming enthousiasts that allow a step-by-step approximation to the display of an old TV set: Vertical syncrtonisation allows reducing the output frequency down to 49.9Hz, which will eliminate tearing-effects. In addition to that, a scanline-emulation can be switched on. This will emulate the dark lines between the scanlines of a TV screen.

Development and production of this extremely complex product is very expensive. Our trade partners, who have been serving the Amiga-market for many years, have made considerable financial contributions to the production. To account for that, Indivision AGA is exclusively available only from these resellers until january 1st, 2009: (alphabetical order)

Production has already started, the flickerfixer will presumably be shipped to our tradepartners during the first week of september. The suggested retail price is 129,- EUR including 19% VAT. Only a version for A1200 computers will be available at first. We're already working on a version for other Amigas with AGA chipset.

The following pictures show the prototype and screenshots where colours are not displayed correctly. The actual product may vary.

Scanlines.jpg (cg)

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deimos - mobile content culture (ANF)

Handhelds: Amiga game Nicky Boom ported
The Amiga game "Nicky Boom" developed by Microids is now distributed for Windows Mobile and PalmOS as well. A Symbian version of the Jump'n'Run game was announced. Additionally under the title link there is a Flash demo version. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Acube Systems (ANF)

Sam440 available for 299 Euro
Press release: Starting from today and until September 30, 2008 we offer a Sam440ep board at a special price: Euro 299.00 (+ taxes and shipping) instead of the regular end user price of Euro 459.00 with a discount of Euro 160.00! (*)

Take this opportunity to buy a Sam440ep board, that's a crazy discount!!!

What you will receive:
  • Sam440ep board, 533 Mhz version, complete with metallic heatsinks on both cpu and gfx chip (no DDR ram included)
  • one SATA data cable
  • one DVI to VGA converter
  • printed user manual (in english)
  • Linux Debian netinstall CD
  • AROS Live CD

What you need to have your Sam440ep up and running?
  • a computer case, from full ATX size down to mini-itx size, with a suitable PSU (minimum 60 W)
  • one Serial ATA HD
  • one Serial ATA CDRom/DVD reader/burner (optional)
  • USB mouse and keyboard
  • a suitable DDR DIMM 100 32 bits ram bank (**)

To help you to find a suitable ram bank, we offer approved DIMM 100, DDR400, 512 Mb 32 bits modules at Euro 33.00 (+ taxes)

(*) offer limited to one board for customer
(**) we strongly suggest to use only DIMM 100, DDR400, 512 Mb 32 bits modules with Nanya chips. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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