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Carsten Schröder per eMail

AMIGA kündigt Veröffentlichung des AmigaOS 3.5 an
+++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++
Wie bereits vermutet, soll das AmigaOS 3.5 zur australischen Amiga-Messe Amiga Down Under '99, die am 21./22. August stattfindet, erscheinen.

Von NightRAM erreichte mich noch ein Hinweis auf den WebWorker, der heute unter aktuell folgende Schlagzeile enthält: +++Amiga kommt im Herbst mit OS 3.5+++.

From: Carsten Schroeder
Reply-To: Carsten Schroeder
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 22:25:02 +0200
Subject: AMIGA-aktuell-Special (28.06.99)

AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special

AMIGA kündigt Veröffentlichung des AmigaOS 3.5 an (28.06.99)

Wie bereits vermutet, soll das AmigaOS 3.5 zur australischen Amiga-Messe
Amiga Down Under '99, die am 21./22. August stattfindet, erscheinen:

»San Diego, CA - OS 3.5 Launch to be held at Amiga Down Under '99

With the imminent release of OS 3.5 for the Amiga Classic systems available
soon, the Amiga Down Under show scheduled for August 21, 22 will be the
host event for the official launch of 3.5.

OS 3.5 is the first new product for the Amiga in over 5 years, and it
includes the integration of the most requested features by Amiga users.
"When I took over the management of Amiga, one of my first decisions was to
get 3.5 moving and get it shipping.  Now with the release of the external
beta, and the imminent release of the shipping version of 3.5, I am
pleased to say that we are beginning to ship product", said Jim Collas
"This is only the beginning of the New Amiga."

"This has been a very exciting project for us, and we know that this is
going to be a great product for the Amiga Community" said Juergen Haage of
Haage and Partner - the development partner working with Amiga to release
3.5.  "We look forward to the party in Australia to celebrate its

OS 3.5 is available through your local Amiga dealer or retailer, and
pre-orders are being accepted by most dealers. For those who have
pre-ordered 3.5, it will begin shipping as soon as it is released.  We are
using the Amiga Down Under show as our celebration party.

OS 3.5 features include easy Internet access, support for hard disks
greater than 4GB, a modern Graphical User Interface (GUI), extensive
CD-ROM support, support for current printers, PowerPC support, HTML Online
Documentation, bug fixes, and other product enhancements.  Please visit for more details.«

(Quelle: AMIGA)


aMozillaX soll erst zur World of Amiga erscheinen (28.06.99)

Die Veröffentlichung einer ersten Version des WWW-Browsers aMozillaX
verzögert sich erneut:

»[free amiga organisation]

For Immediate Release:

aMozillaX Press Release

This statement is made by Ben Rothwell on behalf of the entire
aMozillaX team.

When, in January 1999, we had the chance to begin work porting the
Mozilla source code to the 68k and PPC Amiga platforms, the press
coverage was significant and the community anxious to see a browser
with significant parts of the Netscape source code in it.

However, recently it has come to light that there is a growing stem
of discontentment amongst users of the Amiga, due to the fact that
they still do not yet have aMozillaX.

We would like to take this chance to make a formal apology to the
community for this situation. Initially we aimed for a release in June,
and at one stage it looked possible to make an early release in
early May. However, developing a program of this size and complexity is
not an easy task, and sometimes problems with the code or other problems
make the time slip back and the community ever more impatient.

We can assure you however that we are working hard to ensure that we
will be able to release Version 1.0 of aMozillaX at the World of Amiga
show in London, mid July. Certain features will be missing, such as Java
mainly due to problems and delays in third party JVM solutions.

However, we are confident that aMozillaX will be able to outperform all of
the current Amiga browsers upon release, offering speed and flexibility,
as well as power. ECMAScript, Dynamic HTML, DOM1, HTML4.0 will all be fully
supported in this release.

We are also working to ensure that when we release binaries and source
code, the right structure is in place to enable other developers to work
with us on improving aMozillaX, more information about this improved web
presence can be found at

Any further queries may be directed to«


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AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special

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