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Aminet [New Uploads]

Aminet Uploads vom 04.08.1999
ADACSearch.lha       biz/dbase  110K+Example for mSQL++/ADAC
XsQL.lha             biz/dbase   16K+Execute a mSQL Text-Query
hpglowicons.lha      biz/haage  208K+GlowIcons for Haage&Partner programmes
Konwerter2.1.lha     biz/misc   133K+Convert files from Metastock and Omega t
eTeacherPL5.50.lha   biz/patch  534K+ETeacher PL 5.50 update pack
HydraBBS.lha         comm/bbs   2.2M+HydraBBS, Fantastic new BBS System
HydraBBSdc.lha       comm/bbs     3K+HydraBBS, Door coders wanted (C)
HydraBBSu6.lha       comm/bbs   315K+HydraBBS. Update V1.05 to V1.06
TeaBot.lha           comm/irc    37K+Feature packed IRC BOT addon for AmIRC !
YAM2MM16.lha         comm/mail   79K+MailMerging program for YAM v2+
dvbcontrol.lha       comm/misc  139K+V1.12 D-Box/Mediamaster Settings Editor
PalmBackup.lha       comm/misc  139K+1.5 - Backup/Restore/Install for PalmPil
uprc.lha             comm/misc   80K+Generates Aminet upload readme files
MM_ChkMsgDate.lha    comm/mmgr    5K+Fixes messgae dates >31 Dec 1999 in Mail
2b_Yam2NN_hrv.lha    comm/news    2K+Hrvatski catalog for YAM2NN (0.84)
newscoaster.lha      comm/news  238K+Offline Newsreader Version 1.12 (MUI)
AmiVNC.lha           comm/tcp   141K+Experimental VNC server for Amiga w/C so
haracz12.lha         comm/tcp    42K+V1.2+, Analizes Miami logfiles (Polish)(
SimpleFTP.lha        comm/tcp    73K+SimpleFTP - New and easy to use FTP clie
trp-siot.lha         demo/slide 1.3M+Something is Out There by Trip
DBIncACE.lha         dev/basic    1K+DBPlayer includes for ACE Basic
SaveWave.lha         dev/basic    5K+Save sample to .wav file
ClassFree_src.lha    dev/gui    426K+Final source release.
numconv.lha          dev/misc     7K+Simple DEC/HEX/BIN/ASCII/FLOAT converter
talk2me.lha          dev/misc    50K+Speech GUI - Save 50 Voices/100 Sentence
MCC_Envelope.lha     dev/mui     19K+MCC to edit envelopes as used by synthes
AT_ApolloDev.lha     disk/cdrom  23K+AT-Apollo.device replacement for Apollo 
PlextorControl.lha   disk/cdrom  14K+Sets Plextor CDROM parameters
Dkg-prices.lha       docs/anno    1K+DarkAge Software pricelist (June)
zorro.lha            docs/hyper  19K+HTML & Guide of ZorroII/III & Power_Conn
ukbbslst10.txt       docs/lists 112K+List of UK BBSes - Version 10 - Aug 1999
Aakt0899GFX.lha      docs/mags  623K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0899GUIDE.lha    docs/mags  185K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
ACNews_13.lha        docs/mags   68K+E-zine focused on Amiga News: #13-July 9
AIOV26T.lha          docs/mags   79K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 26 (July
amigapl.9804.lzh     docs/misc  503K+9804 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9805.lzh     docs/misc  524K+9805 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9806.lzh     docs/misc  595K+9806 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9807.lzh     docs/misc  618K+9807 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9808.lzh     docs/misc  620K+9808 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9809.lzh     docs/misc  613K+9809 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9810.lzh     docs/misc  921K+9810 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9811.lzh     docs/misc  840K+9811 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9812.lzh     docs/misc  669K+9812 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9901.lzh     docs/misc  471K+9901 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9902.lzh     docs/misc  573K+9902 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9903.lzh     docs/misc  935K+9903 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9904.lzh     docs/misc  766K+9904 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9905.lzh     docs/misc  849K+9905 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9906.lzh     docs/misc  973K+9906 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
amigapl.9907.lzh     docs/misc  615K+199907 [PL] Log of AmigaPL list
wfmh-ann.9802.lzh    docs/misc    9K+9802 [PL/UK] Log of WFMH-Announce list
wfmh-ann.9803.lzh    docs/misc    5K+9803 [PL/UK] Log of WFMH-Announce list
wfmh-ann199907.lzh   docs/misc   14K+199907 [PL/UK] Log of WFMH-Announce list
JamesBond_edit.lha   game/2play 247K+JamesBond Editing Tools update (Level Ed
F1GP_1999.lha        game/data    9K+1999 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (1 Augus
Arkanos.lha          game/misc  149K+Break out game with new features
calidan.lha          game/misc  643K+Realtime strategy game like dune2-NEW ve
Yahtzee.lha          game/misc  207K+Yahtzee 3.10... a dice game
cfme.lha             game/patch 494K+Cannon Fodder Map Editor V1.80
cthangband.lha       game/role  939K+Cthangband 1.1.2 - Roguelike solo RPG
Dunczone.lha         game/role  630K+Spoof translation of German game
WITC.lha             game/shoot 238K+WWI Dogfight/2d game for up to 8 planes
Mpeg2AniM14.lha      gfx/conv   612K+Converts MPEG animations into ANIM files
pdhfic.lha           gfx/conv    63K+Datatypes to Spectrum SCR/TAP/ZX82/TZX/b
AnimatED1_52.lha     gfx/edit   289K+Add events to your IFF-anims, v1.52
MangaCom20.lha       gfx/misc    33K+MangaCom v2.0 - Puts filecomments to you
ppmtoscr.lha         gfx/pbm     34K+PPM -> Spectrum SCR/TAP/ZX82/bytes/TZX
PiPView201.lha       gfx/show    17K+PictureViewer for PiP (P96 with PicassoI
Show040.lha          gfx/show   460K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (040) V2.7
ShowPPC.lha          gfx/show   442K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (PPC) V2.7
MCControl.lha        hard/hack  169K+V1.21 PSX MemoryCard Reader
Telemet-LDI.lha      hard/misc   75K+RS422-Interface for PC-Wetterstation
CGX_XVDs.lha         misc/emu     2K+ScreenCGX & WindowCGX XVD's for Flamingo
Flamingo_CGX_X.lha   misc/emu     2K+ScreenCGX & WindowCGX XVD's for Flamingo
imdbDiff990723.lha   misc/imdb  1.5M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
backtown.lha         mods/casef  97K+BACK IN TOWN mod by Case and Filippetto
belkzza.lha          mods/casef  97K+BELKZZA Module by Case and Filippetto
blownose.lha         mods/casef  83K+BLOW YOUR NOSE - Module by Case
bluemoon.lha         mods/casef  97K+ONE IN A BLUES MOON - Module by Case
brandnew.lha         mods/casef  82K+BRAND NEW BEND - Module by Case and Fili
browns.lha           mods/casef  82K+BROWN SUGAR -mod by Case
charts.lha           mods/casef  67K+CHARTS TUNE by Case
dontlook.lha         mods/casef  97K+DON'T LOOK HERE - by Case and Filippetto
dub.lha              mods/casef  55K+DUB - Module by Case
freefrom.lha         mods/casef  23K+FREE FROM YOU - by Filippetto
frei.lha             mods/casef  31K+FREIZEIT REVUE - Module by Filippetto
funkest.lha          mods/casef  80K+FUNKESTEIN Module by Case
funkyday.lha         mods/casef 163K+ANOTHER FUNKY DAY - Module by Case and F
funkyou.lha          mods/casef  62K+FUNK YOU! - Module by Case
happyso.lha          mods/casef  56K+THE HAPPY SONG - by Filippetto
howdoyou.lha         mods/casef 104K+HOW DO YOU FEEL? - Module by Case and Fi
imposs.lha           mods/casef  73K+IMPOSSIBLE DREAM - Module by Filippetto
leavin.lha           mods/casef  28K+LEAVING THE SCENE (NOT!) - Module by Cas
maddism.lha          mods/casef  93K+MADDISM - Module by Case (DJ MAD?)
medley.lha           mods/casef  95K+MEDLEY used in the Freedom Crack mag - b
modmach.lha          mods/casef  80K+MODERN MACHINERY - Filippetto
mrgomez.lha          mods/casef  50K+MR.GOMEZ  - by Case and Filippetto
nexttime.lha         mods/casef 153K+NEXT TIME - Module by Filippetto
noname.lha           mods/casef  77K+NO NAME - Module by Case
peppino.lha          mods/casef  84K+PEPPINO - Techno Module by Case
pickpock.lha         mods/casef 100K+PICKED POCKETS - Module by Case
recfeels.lha         mods/casef  68K+RECORDED FEELINGS - Module by Case and F
reminds.lha          mods/casef  58K+CARELESS REMINDS - Module by Case
roberto.lha          mods/casef  25K+ROBERTO - Module by Filippetto
rollball.lha         mods/casef  67K+ROLLERBALL - Module by Case and Filippet
smallwor.lha         mods/casef  60K+SMALL WORLD - Module by Filippetto
stonelov.lha         mods/casef  48K+STOLE LOVE - Module by Filippetto
stormy.lha           mods/casef  64K+STORMY AND CLEVER - Module by Case and F
suspect.lha          mods/casef  24K+SUSPECT- by Filippetto
thedeal.lha          mods/casef  69K+THE DEAL - Module by Case
titti.lha            mods/casef 102K+TITTI WANTS TO DANCE - Module by Case an
today.lha            mods/casef  84K+TODAY AND FOREVER - Module by  Filippett
vibratio.lha         mods/casef 127K+VIBRATIONS by Case and Filippetto - Firs
wildwave.lha         mods/casef  32K+WILD WAVE - techno mod by Case
xmas93.lha           mods/casef  74K+X-MAS 1993  ...  latin-funk module by Ca
8520.lha             mods/chip   23K+By racoon/WARD '96
amiga4ever.lha       mods/chip    8K+By racoon '95
bubbleman.lha        mods/chip   14K+By racoon/C-LOUS & FCN '99
2_hearts.mpg         mods/elbie 2.3M+2_Hearts a nice popsong by ElbiE^t13n!
aprils.lha           mods/funk   98K+By racoon/C-LOUS & DKG '98
lnsR26_turn.lha      mods/house 506K+Turn Around - house remix (Phatts'n'smal
lnsS6_Jbeat1.lha     mods/inst  532K+Jungle beats - sampel pack nr 1
lnsS7_Jbeat2.lha     mods/inst  444K+Jungle beats - sampel pack nr 2
lnsS8_Jbeat3.lha     mods/inst  452K+Jungle beats - sampel pack nr 3
nd-ark99.lha         mods/med   162K+11ch. OSS conv. of Arkanoid titlemusic
SH-Body_Heat.mpg     mods/mpg   2.1M+Industrial/EBM by MatriX Wired
nd-ark99.lha         mods/neuro 162K+11ch. OSS conv. of Arkanoid titlemusic
TristarTetris.lha    mods/pro    26K+Mod from Tetris-Intro by Tristar (1988)
Speak2Sample.lha     mus/edit    36K+Save Amiga speech as a sound sample
Amoralplay1.3.lha    mus/play   106K+-*AMOREL*- No fuss multiformat player(OS
Black_Energy.jpg     pix/art     17K+"Black Energy" created by Dr.Ferkel
CUFChirality.lha     pix/art    367K+Chirality kiss - WB Background
AmigaNGBoot.lha      pix/boot   156K+Damn cool boot-config for Rainboot2
LMFBoot.lha          pix/boot   141K+Light my Fire boot v1.1 for Rainboot2
Glow_Roketz.lha      pix/nicon    8K+2 GlowIcons for Roktez.(cool duel game) 
LucyIcons.lha        pix/nicon  524K+Loads of NewIcons for Games, Tools & Fun
VCIcons.lha          pix/nicon  581K+NewIcons for Games, Tools & Disks...
WReplaceIcon.lha     util/app    11K+Icon replacer with AppWindow
LzxRepacker.lha      util/arc     8K+Repack LHA/ARJ/ZIP/RAR/... to LZX.
boot-startup.lha     util/batch   6K+Programmable boot menu script v2
Cybermagic.lha       util/blank 542K+Blanker for Cybergraphix (0.4.0)
QSPBeta.lha          util/boot   44K+The Ultminate Startup-Sequence Manager (
SetMPort.lha         util/cli     3K+Selects Mouse Port
TDir2Guide.lha       util/cli    11K+Create AGuide from text dir scan
LSFileCut.lha        util/conv    8K+Cut data from FILE with position, and le
pc2doc.lha           util/conv    7K+Converts ASCII-Texts (PC/Amiga) into a f
DeleteSmall.lha      util/dir    17K+A 'Delete' Enhancer
akNAIL-dt.lha        util/dtype  90K+AkNAIL-dt V44.1 (NAIL, 68000-060)
TNM.lha              util/misc   17K+MUI Make ThumbNails and HTML files.
VisualGuide.lha      util/misc   22K+Make filelist in AmigaGuide format.
mr_wolf.lha          util/time   36K+Transparent, Cheeky speaking-clock v3.2.
SetDST.lha           util/time   51K+Adjusts time for Daylight Saving Time
DZT.lha              util/virus   2K+ZAKAPIOR TROJAN De-activator
Launch_2.3.lha       util/wb     46K+Nice Scrolling Program Launcher
sgrab_hrv.lha        util/wb      1K+Hrvatski catalog for SGrab 1.10a
StopMenu.lha         util/wb    501K+Very nice startbar with many options
StopMenuUpd.lha      util/wb     28K+Updates v0.94+ to v0.97b2

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