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Aminet Uploads vom 30.09.1999
Da Paderborn down ist, habe ich die Uploads von einem US-Server genommen. Kann nun natürlich sein, daß sich einige Files überschneiden. Wem der USA-Mirror zu langsam ist, kann evtl. auch noch nach in Italien ausweichen.

ColorToHTML.lha      biz/cloan    2K+PPaint ColorToHTML.pprx script
Hingis.lha           biz/dbase  194K+Martina Hingis tennis singles matches in
QuickFile.3.20.lha   biz/dbase  281K+Powerful, fast and easy database.     biz/dbase   24K+French catalog for QuickFile, with sourc
StarBase_xxx.lha     biz/dbase  181K+Star Trek Episodes Database 3.0e/1.2f
TFat271DEMO.lha      biz/demo    89K+An Amiga Invoice program, (FATTURE ITALI
xtm-lychens.lha      biz/dkg     63K+Additional texture for Extreme
xtm-redsun.lha       biz/dkg     34K+Additional texture for Extreme
OpusGIbar.lha        biz/dopus  159K++120 Nice GlowIcons for your DOpus Toolb
HydraBBSu12.lha      comm/bbs   203K+HydraBBS. Update V1.11 to V1.12
dvbcontrol.lha       comm/misc  223K+V1.19 D-Box/Mediamaster Settings Editor
MPackMUI.lha         comm/misc   36K+V1.0 MUI interface for MPack V1.5
OLGA_v1-23.lha       comm/misc  104K+Olga is a software for using with OLITEC
PalmBackup.lha       comm/misc  163K+1.7 - Backup/Restore/Install for PalmPil
ViperDaemon.lha      comm/misc  124K+ARexx-Port for "Speed Viper"-charge mete
nc_update.lha        comm/news  108K+Offline Newsreader Version 1.17 (MUI)
IPScanner.lha        comm/tcp    21K+Shows open TCP/IP Port from a given doma
SimpleFTP.lha        comm/tcp    82K+SimpleFTP v1.6- Easy to use FTP client!
aipw.lha             comm/www    26K+MUI IP Watcher. Shows your IP+HostName. 
alienib.lha          comm/www     4K+Cool NewIcons-like buttons for IBrowse
AWebResume.lha       comm/www    61K+Integrate FTP and HTTP resume support in
gng.lha              comm/www   753K+GNU Internet mirroring tool with interfa
HTTPResume_Cze.lha   comm/www     3K+Czech localization for HTTPResume v1.7
HTTPResume_Ger.lha   comm/www     3K+German localization for HTTPResume v1.7
HTTPResume_Ita.lha   comm/www    24K+Italian localization for HTTPResume v1.7
HTTPResume_Slo.lha   comm/www     3K+Slovenian localization for HTTPResume v1
MiamiOnline2.lha     comm/www     2K+Load FreePhone Number If Weekend (Miami)
MWI-SDV20.lha        demo/mag   1.2M+SAVE DA VINYL #20 - packmag by Madwizard
adv-ita.lha          dev/amos    77K+Italian adventures creator for AMOSPro
modifile.lha         dev/amos    67K+File modifier written by AMOSPro
SineWriter.lha       dev/asm      5K+Generate fixed point sine/cosine/hybrid 
PureBasic.lha        dev/basic  421K+V1.02 - Brand new powerful programming l
ShapeConverter.lha   dev/basic   28K+A tool to convert IFF-images to shapes
ADOSLib.lha          dev/c       16K+Additional DOS Lib for vbcc
GED_Scripts.lha      dev/c       18K+Useful ARexx Scripts for C Programming
MEMLib.lha           dev/c       71K+Port of MEM.Lib for vbcc
MMULib.lha           dev/c       24K+Vbcc stubs linklib for mmu.library
PMM.lha              dev/c      2.1M+Project-Make-Manager (PMM) for vbcc
REQUESTLib.lha       dev/c      154K+Requester Lib for vbcc
STRINGLib.lha        dev/c       81K+Many stringfunctions (linklib for vbcc)
SUPRALib.lha         dev/c      106K+Port of SUPRA linklib for vbcc
2b_Brush2eMui.lha    dev/e       42K+Changes brushes to E src for MUI
2b_CreativE.lha      dev/e       70K+New AmigaE compiler
TearOff13.3_E.lha    dev/e        8K+E Modules for TearOff MUI classes
jikes-diffs.lha      dev/lang    12K+IBM's fast Java compiler, v1.04 (diffs)
jikes.lha            dev/lang   568K+IBM's fast Java compiler, v1.04 (source)
jikes000.lha         dev/lang   545K+Fast Java compiler, v1.04 (68000 binary)
jikes020-060.lha     dev/lang   539K+Fast Java compiler,v1.04 (68020-060,FPU)
S3DC.lha             dev/mui      4K+Simple MUI example source to compile wit
CDCat-AmiNet32.lha   disk/cdrom 1.7M+CDCat Index Of AmiNet 3-32
FlashROM.lha         disk/cdrom  17K+Amiga tool to change the flash ROM of Pl
GetCDDB.lha          disk/cdrom  46K+Easy download of CD disc id files
MakeCDsvenskaC.lha   disk/cdrom  35K+Swedish catalog for MakeCD V3.2
2b_HfMounterNG.lha   disk/misc   18K+Manager for 'fmsdisk.device' units.
2b_InBoot.lha        disk/misc   49K+Very useful BootBlock utility.
PFSDefragTry.lha     disk/optim   6K+Tries to defrag PFS partitions (37.4), w
musiccharts.txt      docs/anno    0K+Announcment regarding.....
IBrowse2Print.txt    docs/help    1K+Describes how to get Ibrowse2's PostScri
aMiGaPoWeR.lha       docs/hyper  68K+AMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine
bruce_dickinso.lha   docs/hyper  51K+Bruce Dickinson Guide V1.0
CRUS_Gde.lha         docs/hyper   6K+Babylon 5: Crusade Episode Guide (13a)
iron_maiden.lha      docs/hyper 135K+Iron Maiden Guide V2.5
AO_0101.lha          docs/mags    9K+AO newsletter - volume 1, issue 1 - 3 Se
AO_0102.lha          docs/mags    9K+AO newsletter - volume 1, issue 2 - 13 S
AO_0103.lha          docs/mags   11K+AO newsletter - volume 1, issue 3 - 17 S
F1Results.lha        docs/misc   12K+Formula 1 results 1994-1997 (German)
Megasquad.lha        game/2play  53K+2 player combat arena game
sol_dt.lha           game/board  62K+*Inofficial* German exe for Solitaire v1
vchess_dt.lha        game/board   6K+German catalog for VChess 4.1
Lekis_XTR_Trac.lha   game/data   78K+Tracks for Xtreme Racing
pirouworms.lha       game/data  427K+Beautiful Worms Levels
wbw_gfx_b.lha        game/data  206K+Graphic files for WBWort V3.x
StreetRod.lha        game/hint   55K+Street Rod Savegame with 247.Millions
WormWars.lha         game/misc  593K+WormWars 4.4: Advanced snake game
malicemod.lha        game/patch 240K+Malice (Quake TC) bot-mod & fpsbooster
YAGAC.lha            game/role  197K+Graphic adventure creator (Balrog Soft)
YAGACFix.lha         game/role  197K+Graphic adventure creator (Balrog Soft)F
YAGACFix2.lha        game/role  193K+Graphic adventure creator (Balrog Soft)F
stefadv.lha          game/text   22K+Little italian text adventure
stefadv2.lha         game/text   65K+2nd little italian text adventure
BrainRace.lha        game/think 774K+Brain Race 
startrekprg.lha      game/think 1.3M+-Star Trek-, Fixes all known bugs
JPEG-Box.lha         gfx/conv   211K+JPEG generator for WWW graphics V4.15 (6
PNG-Box.lha          gfx/conv   225K+PNG generator for WWW graphics V4.15 (68
picFXb.lha           gfx/edit    94K+Great CARDWARE image deformer (MUI) 1.00
VE-ReadMe.lha        gfx/edit     5K+Visual Eng. - Registeration & Readme
VE-shadow.lha        gfx/edit     5K+Visual Eng. - Shadow v3.34
wmachine.lha         gfx/edit    50K+Easy+accurate image-scaling tool
MakeWebPic.lha       gfx/misc    19K+ARexx-Packet to work with Pic-Archiv
PaletteDeck.lha      gfx/misc    22K+A Small Palette Program done in CanDo
akMPEG2.lha          gfx/show   122K+MPEG player for CyberGfx/AGA V3.01 (68k/
AMP.lha              gfx/show   246K+MPEG1/2, FLI/FLC, AVI, QT player for War
Frogger.lha          gfx/show    99K+Ultimate PPC MPEG video player (MPEG-2 s
SoftCinema.lha       gfx/show   223K+Ultimate Movie Player (PPC)
Spitfire.lha         hard/drivr 375K+A Palm Desktop for the Amiga!
Win95MapGB.lha       hard/drivr   8K+Win95 British keymap, CTRL+\ support.
APPE1_2.lha          hard/hack   82K+Use any PlayStation Pad in your Amiga
A4KTower.lha         hard/misc  608K+How to towerise your A4K easily! 
AmiOS35amp.lha       misc/emu    20K+Skin for WinAMP with the Amiga-look
anescgfx.lha         misc/emu    36K+A/NES CGFX 1.0 preview 2 - NES emulator
DarcNES.lha          misc/emu   129K+NES, SMS, PCE emulator for WarpUP v99082
Electrostatic.lha    misc/emu   101K+Atari 2600 emulator/translator. V2.1
Handy.lha            misc/emu   115K+Atari Lynx emulator for WarpUP, v1.03 (9
warpsnes.lha         misc/emu   359K+SNES Emulator for PowerPC (WarpUP) V4.1
imdbDiff990910.lha   misc/imdb  2.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
TotalCalc1_23.lha    misc/math   48K+Calculator with interesting features
WiseMan1_1.lha       misc/misc   21K+Displays random wise words in Workbench!
Robotic.mpg          mods/elbie 4.8M+Robotic Love Vocoder Synthpop by ElbiE^t
distract.lha         mods/k4k   313K+"Distracted" trance-song by Kure/RNO^WPZ
martys.lha           mods/k4k   262K+"Martysbear" trance-song by Kure/RNO^WPZ
daybyday.lha         mods/misc  187K+DBM dance by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Production
rNO-L004.lha         mods/misc  792K+RNO-LABEL release nO.4
is-BrainDamage.mpg   mods/mpg   5.5M+Jungle Drum and Bass by istari
is-KaosFractal.mpg   mods/mpg   2.6M+Fractal Breaks by istari
solotunes.lha        mods/pro   108K+PT MOD BY BLUEBEAR '96
2000.lha             mods/stame 129K+"2000", module by Stamen 1999
9D.lha               mods/stame 114K+"Dimension Nine", module by Stamen 1999
allbgins.lha         mods/stame  86K+"When The All Begins", module by Stamen 
hermit.lha           mods/stame  59K+"Hermit Livin'", module by Stamen 1999
typhoon.lha          mods/stame 129K+"Typhoon", module by Stamen 1999
whydontu.lha         mods/stame  89K+"Why Don't You Dance", module by Stamen 
RussianONE.lha       mods/symph 1.3M+Simphonie music module
gen-geno-steal.lha   mods/techn 1.3M+138 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 24ch)
gen-gnoj.lha         mods/techn 1.3M+143 BPM Acid House by Genacid (DBM 12ch)
gen-old_s.lha        mods/techn 2.5M+146 BPM Pure Acid by Genacid (DBM 12ch)
gen-shrotara.lha     mods/techn 642K+160 BPM Trance by Genacid (DBM 10ch)
bladeenc.lha         mus/edit   471K+BladeEnc V0.82 MP3 Encoder
CDMix10demo.lha      mus/edit    11K+Prog to mix a number of CDDA files. DEMO
fade_cdda.lha        mus/edit    12K+Prog to mix several CDDA files into one 
sox-12.16-base.lha   mus/edit   267K+Multiformat sound converter (src)
sox-12.16-bin.lha    mus/edit   194K+Multiformat sound converter (bin)
ataruita.lha         mus/midi    20K+Urusei Yatsura italian song
divert12.lha         mus/midi    56K+Divertimento12, GM song by Stefano Regat
divert3.lha          mus/midi    31K+Divertimento3, GM song by Stefano Regatt
felicida.lha         mus/midi    19K+Felicidad, GM song by Stefano Regattin
NCodeGUI.lha         mus/misc    26K+A GUI for NCode V1.0
Prayer2.lha          mus/play   293K+MPEG audio player with fancy GUI and mor
AliciaBoot.lha       pix/boot   300K+Cool Alicia Silverstone Rainboot-config
AliciaBoot2.lha      pix/boot   304K+Cool Alicia Silverstone config #2
AmigaOS_bootpi.lha   pix/boot   301K+AmigaOS - BootPicture and cgxbootpic.lib
alienni1.lha         pix/icon   266K+Cool + Useful Misc NewIcons (NI4 format)
pirouspecial.lha     pix/icon    24K+Fine pOS-like gadget set for Urouhack
Amigalogo.lha        pix/misc    16K+2547 x 856 Amigalogo with Alpha Channel
A4000T_Kosh.jpg      pix/wb     208K+K.O.S.H. Workbench in 16bit
BeatleWB.jpg         pix/wb     562K+WB grab 16bit 1600x1200
WordConverter.lha    text/misc   89K+Converts Word 2,4,5,6,7,8 files to text,
Printout.lha         text/print  15K+Print Zweckform Labels NO. 4738/4739
EvenMore.lha         text/show  252K+V0.54 - A nice textviewer
appxtrakt.lha        util/arc    30K+Little tool to extract Lha,Lzx & Zip fil
Archiver.lha         util/arc   275K+A very good MUIGui for Lha, Lzx...etc.V2
AutoExt.lha          util/arc     3K+Auto Extract Archives (Lzx, Lha, Rar...)
1TouchMac2.lha       util/boot   99K+Boot others startup files with mouse
alba.lha             util/boot   45K+Lock your Amiga with a password 
Rainboot2_67.lha     util/boot  997K+The Ultimate Multimedia Boot v2.67
startupsound.lha     util/boot   20K+Plays a sample at Startup (Cool!);v1.3
PowerPalette.lha     util/cdity  39K+V1.01 private screen palette editor
GatewayTools.lha     util/cli   840K+Various tools for use in CLI
MirrorCopy.lha       util/cli    20K+Create/maintain exact copy of dir (V1.4)
StarDate.lha         util/cli   106K+StarDate-Clock (CLI) for free use
VersCheck.lha        util/cli   414K+Check your libs,MUI,devs,dtypes,classes,
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 319K+AkJFIF-dt V44.47 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/W
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 351K+AkPNG-dt V44.47 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/WOS
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 400K+AkTIFF-dt V44.47 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/W
GatewayLibrary.lha   util/libs   78K+Shared Library with many functions
muitoolkit.lha       util/libs   42K+1.0 - The MUI Toolkit library (FREE)
PortugueseAcce.lha   util/libs    2K+Portuguese accent for translator lib.
bprefs.lha           util/misc   42K+MUI Preference program for Birdie [1.31]
dial.lha             util/misc   55K+DTMF dialling over speaker (MUI) +src
ProPassWord.lha      util/misc  163K+PPW is a FOF securty System 0.17b2
TNM.lha              util/misc   19K+MUI Make ThumbNails and HTML files.
FWCalendar.lha       util/rexx  108K+THE calendar creator for FW & Pagestream
Scion2html.lha       util/rexx   32K+WWW browser HTML's from Scion Genealogy 
AlarmClock.lha       util/time    9K+Alarms by playing a MP3 at a specified t
Millenium.lha        util/time    8K+Millenium-Countdown
FileShield.lha       util/virus  28K+Protect Your executables against linkvir
Safe.lha             util/virus  23K+Best new linkviruses detector
vhtvb221.lha         util/virus  19K+Version 2.21 of Virus_Checker II brainfi
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 117K+VirusExecutor v1.83
VTDocsEng.lha        util/virus  46K+English translation of VTx.yz docs
count.lha            util/wb     15K+Recursivly counts the size of files/dirs
JoyTest1_04.lha      util/wb     24K+Test operation of joystick

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