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Jochen Abitz schreibt:
Mage ist für AmigaPPC gestorben. :(
Eyelight hat ein Demo von Gamma auf der Website: veröffentlicht. Die Entwicklung ist eingefroren und könnte nur durch 500 Leute reanimiert werden, die Gamma vorbestellen würden.
Hier der Original-Text aus der Demo:

Gamedemo for CGX3Drave, (c)1999 Eyelight

This is a rather old "game-like" demo for CGX3Drave that showed off the basics of Gamma, the 3D games construction kit from Eyelight. It requires a CVPPC since the software engine we developed for CGX3D rave is not available to the public.

Being completly unoptimized and running on 68K only, it still shows off nicely what could have been possible with Gamma. Source code (in C but is actually a direct translation from Golem, Eyelight's scripting language used in Tornado3D) that creates the whole game is provided. As you can see it is rather simple, and the scripting environment made Gamma easy to use even for people with no 3D graphics programming experience.

Unfortunately Gamma has been canceled for the Amiga, due to the many shakes the market suffered. If there is enough interest and at least 500 Amigans pre-order Gamma for as low as 50.00 EURO/ US Dollars, we'll still produce it both in 68K and PPC versions. (ps)

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