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Neue Aminet-Uploads
TFat2DEMO.lha        biz/demo    92K+V2.9.0 Amiga Invoice program,(FATTURE IT
FileTypeUtils.lha    biz/dopus  289K+Utilities for DOpus5 filetypes (German o
MPEGA-Play_fix.lha   biz/dopus    2K+DOpus5.5+/MPEGA3.5, fix:MPEGA-Play.dopus
G5_Aux.lha           comm/bbs    95K+Gateway-5-BBS (AUX-handler)
G5_Batch.lha         comm/bbs    38K+Gateway-5-BBS (batches)
G5_bin68000.lha      comm/bbs   1.1M+Gateway-5-BBS (68000 programs)
G5_bin68010.lha      comm/bbs   1.1M+Gateway-5-BBS (68010 programs)
G5_bin68020.lha      comm/bbs   1.1M+Gateway-5-BBS (68020 programs)
G5_bin68030.lha      comm/bbs   1.1M+Gateway-5-BBS (68030 programs)
G5_bin68040.lha      comm/bbs   1.3M+Gateway-5-BBS (68040 programs)
G5_bin68060.lha      comm/bbs   1.3M+Gateway-5-BBS (68060 programs)
G5_binppc.lha        comm/bbs   2.1M+Gateway-5-BBS (PowerUP programs [beta])
G5_binwos.lha        comm/bbs   1.4M+Gateway-5-BBS (WarpOS programs [beta])
G5_Bretter.lha       comm/bbs     1K+Gateway-5-BBS (boards)
G5_Doku.lha          comm/bbs   613K+Gateway-5-BBS (documentation)
G5_Spiele.lha        comm/bbs   1.5M+Gateway-5-BBS (online games)
G5_Sys.lha           comm/bbs   771K+Gateway-5-BBS (SYS: files)
G5_System.lha        comm/bbs    55K+Gateway-5-BBS (system files, KEYFILE)
G5_Texte.lha         comm/bbs   446K+Gateway-5-BBS (online ansi texts)
FFRS_y2k_pch.lha     comm/fido    1K+FFRS 2.30 Y2k Patch
GMS_y2k_pch.lha      comm/fido    1K+GMS Mailer 1.62 Y2k library Patch
YAM2AmIRC.lha        comm/mail   23K+V2.2. Interface , now faster and with ne
FrillyCDPro.lha      comm/maxs   97K+CD,ZIP,H/Drive Door for Max BBS
cim_v3.lha           comm/misc  1.1M+CIM - Caller Id Manager V3 r35 incl HTML
UFT-Istec_dev.lha    comm/misc  164K+Sourcecode for the Configtool for Istec-
UFT-Istec_usr.lha    comm/misc  138K+Configtool for Istec-Phonedevice
MM_Y2kPatch.lha      comm/mmgr   16K+Y2k patch (fix) for MailManager v1.22x '
MM_y2k_pch.lha       comm/mmgr    6K+MailManager 1.22 (030) Y2k Patch.
bink4d.lha           comm/net    35K+Binkd 4d-outbound version
atalk_V1.lha         comm/tcp    21K+Atalk - small chat program for amiga onl
facts.lha            comm/tcp    79K+V3.0/GUI - NTP clock synchroniser/AutoDS
GMsuite.lha          comm/thor   34K+Some really usefull scripts for Thor, v5
js_umsrfc.lha        comm/ums    46K+Umsrfc update (1.3)
BoingTransf.lha      comm/www   234K+24bit/256 colors BoingBall TransferAnim 
nah-diveF.lha        demo/aga    40K+Dive Final (40k intro) from TP9
Dracodemo.lha        demo/euro   89K+A demo from the early 90's by Draco
dft_w2nm.mpg         demo/file  4.7M+Little preview of future DFT wild demo.
OutTakes.lha         demo/file  105K+Very very very bad demo, but a laugh
Dracointro.lha       demo/intro  94K+An intro from the early 90's by Draco
CnS3.lha             demo/mag   358K+CnS#3 - Diskmag with 4 new interviews!
MWI-SDV23.lha        demo/mag   1.1M+SAVE DA VINYL #23 - packmag by Madwizard
nah-speed50.lha      demo/mag   1.1M+Speed #50 from Nah-Kolor (tp9+bonuses)
SceneArchives.lha    demo/mag   1.2M+SASU v1.07: Ultimate Demo CDs. - 9 CD's 
trp-as2p.lha         demo/sound  57K+Australian Style #2 Preview
CorsoASM-ITA01.lha   dev/asm    507K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 1/6 (ITALIANO)
CorsoASM-ITA02.lha   dev/asm    340K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 2/6 (ITALIANO)
CorsoASM-ITA03.lha   dev/asm    465K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 3/6 (ITALIANO)
CorsoASM-ITA04.lha   dev/asm    505K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 4/6 (ITALIANO)
CorsoASM-ITA05.lha   dev/asm    283K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 5/6 (ITALIANO)
CorsoASM-ITA06.lha   dev/asm    583K+Corso ASSEMBLER AMIGA 6/6 (ITALIANO)
GetCDDB_src.lha      dev/basic   20K+Easy download of CD disc id files - sour
HotShotsSRC.lha      dev/basic  403K+BB2 source code, unfinished, great game
OutTakesSRC.lha      dev/basic   82K+BB2 source of a bad ass demo
ADOSLib.lha          dev/c       29K+Additional DOS Lib for vbcc
MEMLib.lha           dev/c      108K+Port of MEM.Lib for vbcc
MMULib.lha           dev/c       34K+Vbcc stubs linklib for mmu.library
PMM.lha              dev/c      1.3M+Project-Make-Manager (PMM) for vbcc
REQUESTLib.lha       dev/c      164K+Requester Lib for vbcc
stormamiga_lib.lha   dev/c      223K+Small and fast linker lib for StormC (de
STRINGLib.lha        dev/c       83K+Many stringfunctions (linklib vbcc)
SUPRALib.lha         dev/c      107K+Port of SUPRA linklib for vbcc
SX4Amiga.lha         dev/cross   85K+SX-chip programmer V0.93
COP.lha              dev/debug  158K+Low Level Debugger
MuForce.lha          dev/debug  216K+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAnge.lha   dev/debug  264K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
ProfilePPC.lha       dev/misc    13K+Profiler for PowerUp ppc.library progs
GetCDDB.lha          disk/cdrom  80K+Easy download of CD disc id files
ShowTOC.lha          disk/cdrom  20K+Shows TOC of AudioCDs in various ways
PFS3ud.lha           disk/misc  115K+PFS3 undelete 
Aminet-CD-34.lha     docs/lists  27K+Aminet CD 34 index and description
Aakt0100HTML.lha     docs/mags  219K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
WarpUp-Dec99.lha     docs/misc  179K+Postings to WarpUp mailing list in Decem
AmigaDeck.lha        game/data  276K+A carddeck for the Soliton cardgame
blah.lha             game/data   12M+Blahbalicious - hilarious quake movie
QTFDemos2.lha        game/data  2.5M+2 more QuakeTF demos.
QTFDemos3.lha        game/data  3.8M+Another 3 QuakeTF demos.
DeepSilence.lha      game/demo  5.0M+Animation and infos About Manga RPG
UFO-Cheater.lha      game/hint  186K+Cheat Tool (UFO ECS) V2.11
Starbase.lha         game/misc  247K+Build up new base like UTOPIA - V1.2
awinquake.lha        game/shoot 563K+68k and PPC ports of winquake, v0.4
awinquake_src.lha    game/shoot 1.7M+Source code of awinquake 0.4, a68k/ppc
HotShots.lha         game/shoot 229K+Free game. Remake of a great classic
space0.4b.lha        game/shoot 1.0M+3D Space Shooter for gfx card and PPC
akMP402Fix.lha       gfx/show    64K+Fix for akMPEG 4.02 (PPC only)
akMPEG2.lha          gfx/show   127K+MPEG player for CyberGfx/AGA V3.08 (68k/
akMPEG4.lha          gfx/show   132K+MPEG player for CyberGfx/AGA V4.02 (68k/
Show040.lha          gfx/show   488K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (040) V2.9
ShowPPC.lha          gfx/show   469K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (PPC) V2.9
SoftCinema.lha       gfx/show   334K+Ultimate Movie Player (PPC) V0.8a
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  280K+V1.37 PSX MemoryCard Reader
TPPset.lha           hard/hack    7K+Softwareswitch for the TPP-project
ya2t4.lha            hard/hack  256K+Convert CD-R Yamaha 200 in 400 
turd_020.lha         hard/misc  234K+The Ultimate Relay Driver V1.00
DarcNES.lha          misc/emu   136K+NES/SMS/GG/PCE/SG1000/Coleco emulator v9
DarcNESGUI.lha       misc/emu    12K+GUI for the DarcNES emulator
imdbDiff991231.lha   misc/imdb  1.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
PL_flagi.lha         misc/misc    2K+Polish Flags for use with Locale    
Hard_n_Happy.lha     mods/hardc 148K+An 8 track 8Bit Module
The_Tribes.lha       mods/instr 1.1M+Just a piece of good music. NO TEKNO !
ReconaisanceFl.lha   mods/misc  687K+A 6 track 8Bit Module
TO_Scratchgame.lha   mods/misc  2.3M+Hip Hop Module (DBM)
lnsM14_futEp1.mpg    mods/mpg   7.8M+Beyond - ambient Ep (part 1/2) 
lnsM15_futEp2.mpg    mods/mpg   6.1M+Progress - ambient Ep (part 2/2) 
lnsM16_k9Ep1.mpg     mods/mpg   5.3M+I got k9 - techno Ep (part 1/2) 
lnsM17_k9Ep2.mpg     mods/mpg   6.4M+Metallic dog - techno Ep (part 2/2) 
rNO-L021.mpg         mods/mpg   5.3M+Rno-label release no.21 by UranusCancell
af-starijebach.lha   mods/techn 2.2M+DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 133bpm
crs_tmix.lha         mods/techn 3.1M+CRS00052: 'the mix' module pack by domin
lns66_excEp1.lha     mods/techn 246K+Horsens by night - minimalism (exchange 
lns66_excEp2.lha     mods/techn  68K+Horsens by night loopmix - techno (excha
lns65_vibe.lha       mods/tranc 679K+Vibe-rate - goatrance by Puryx (Superdru
bear.lzh             mods/xm    125K+Nice module made by Goatman
drang.lzh            mods/xm    233K+Nice module made by Goatman & Spliffy
el_greek.lzh         mods/xm    139K+Nice module made by Goatman
gadget.lzh           mods/xm     99K+Nice module made by Goatman
goatcip4.lzh         mods/xm     12K+Nice module made by Goatman
hangover.lzh         mods/xm    135K+Nice module made by Goatman
machine.lzh          mods/xm     73K+Nice module made by Goatman
smokin.lzh           mods/xm     50K+Nice module made by Goatman
tigery2k.lzh         mods/xm    152K+Nice module made by Goatman & Spliffy
SampleE.lha          mus/edit   267K+16Bit Stereo HD-Edit Sample Editor AHI-s
FilterSound.lha      mus/misc    11K+Standalone configurable FIR/IIR Filter
Playmed.lha          mus/misc    25K+Randomly plays MED-modules of all type
EP_JasonBrooke.lha   mus/play     4K+EaglePlayer "Jason Brooke" external repl
PlayGUI.lha          mus/play   122K+Finally!Modplayer with AmigaAmpSkins!
TIM_0011.lha         pix/3dani  155K+TIM's rendered Animations (Volumm4D)
lch-amystone.lha     pix/art     53K+Amiga stone logos
RDC_MagicWB.lha      pix/back   1.6M+MagicWB backgrounds collection + my desk
aare.jpg             pix/sport   78K+Skiing in Aare, Sweden
2000.jpg             pix/trace  302K+"2000" trace picture 800x600x24
TIM_0001.lha         pix/trace  1.2M+TIM's rendered pictures (Volumm4D)
TIM_0002.lha         pix/trace  750K+TIM's rendered pictures (Volumm4D)
TIM_0005.lha         pix/trace  1.0M+TIM's rendered pictures (Cinema4D)
envSOF21.lha         text/edit  123K+Eiffel/Sofa Add-On for GoldEd Studio 6
Change.lha           text/misc   40K+V2.37 change text/data in all files
A-Printers.lha       text/print  45K+V1.2 List of printers working with Amiga
LhA_y2k_pch.lha      util/arc     4K+LHA (1.35/38/42/50(020/030)/54/71/94/97/
LZX121r_pch.lha      util/arc    13K+Y2K patches for LZX 1.21r
MTX.lha              util/blank  52K+Matrix Screen Blanker
MuFastZero.lha       util/boot  112K+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
Scheduler1_4.lha     util/cdity  21K+Schedule manager and viewer
GatewayTools.lha     util/cli   850K+Various tools for use in CLI
StarDate.lha         util/cli   109K+StarDate-Clock (CLI) for free use
VersCheckGUI.lha     util/cli   166K+A simple GUI for VersCheck (incl. source
VersCheckV2.lha      util/cli   836K+Check your libs,MUI,devs,dtypes,classes,
PalmDocGC.lha        util/conv    5K+Gui4Cli interface to Makedoc
RomanConv.lha        util/conv    3K+Roman<->Decimal numbers converter.
DeleteSmall.lha      util/dir     8K+The Fastest 'Delete'  Enhancer, Recursiv
DeleteSmallMUI.lha   util/dir    22K+The Fastest Searcher using MUI , Recursi
dir2html_trans.lha   util/dir    11K+Translations for Dir2HTML
FindSmall.lha        util/dir     6K+The Fastest Searcher , Recursive, Match 
FindSmallMUI.lha     util/dir    21K+The Fastest Searcher , Recursive, Match 
fm.lha               util/dir   239K+Multitasking directory utility.
fmkey.lha            util/dir     4K+Keyfile for Filemaster
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype  39K+JFIF-JPEG datatype (WarpOS/PPC) V44.5
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype  45K+PNG image datatype (WarpOS/PPC) V44.2
xpm-dt.lha           util/dtype  15K+Version 43.1 of the xpm.datatype
GatewayLibrary.lha   util/libs   80K+Shared Library with many functions
MMULib.lha           util/libs  621K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
calculator.lha       util/misc   15K+Fully functional calculator
nodelete.lha         util/misc   33K+Saves *ALL* deleted files, not only from
VisualGuide.lha      util/misc   18K+Make filelist in AmigaGuide format.
WOSprefs_ger.lha     util/misc   31K+German locale for WOSprefs
LHAY2KPatch.lha      util/pack   10K+Y2K-Bugfix Patches for LHA 1.38e, 1.50r,
XPKatana.lha         util/pack  104K+XPK (un)packer with complete GUI, ARexx 
Scion2html.lha       util/rexx   33K+WWW browser HTML's from Scion Genealogy 
68040Lib.lha         util/sys   210K+A MuLib aware 68040.library, 68030.libra
JStatus1.4.lha       util/sys    13K+Enhanced "Status"-Command of C=
DCF77.lha            util/time  487K+Radio clock receiver, clock, time signal
simpleclock.lha      util/time   15K+Version 1.2 of the analog clock (OS3.5)
CA_Greek.lha         util/wb      8K+Greek Files for ClassAction 3.6
Dynamite.lha         util/wb     37K+Start button, browser, fast icon/thumbna
RAPrefs.lha          util/wb     75K+A prefs program for ReqAttack, v1.17
TweakWB15.lha        util/wb    104K+Great WB 3.5 commodity, icon converter, 
VisualPrefs_SR.lha   util/wb      4K+VisualPrefs: Serbian catalog 
wbinfo29b.lha        util/wb     52K+Replaces info-win (MUI w. Scalos & NewIc

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