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John Zacharias per eMail

AmiWest Press Release 7
Eyetech Group Ltd. wird auf der AmiWest 2000 ausstellen. Die AmiWest 2000 wird am 29. und 30. Juli in Sacramento, Kalifornien stattfinden. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter dem Titellink oder auf der Website zur AmiWest 2000.

From: John Zacharias

Subject: AmiWest 2000 Press Release 7
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 06:55:36 -0700 (PDT)


Eyetech Group Ltd will be exhibiting at AmiWest 2000!

On June 6, Amiga Inc. and Eyetech Group Ltd entered into a strategic
relationship for Eyetech to manufacture the first release of the Next
Generation Amiga Development Machine.  Eyetech will be coming to
Sacramento, California for AmiWest 2000 and will be showing off the Next
Generation Amiga Development Machine coupled with a Classic A1200 at the

Eyetech is the leading UK developers and Worldwide mail order retailers of
Amiga technology products for the home and for industry.  They are the
manufacturers and distributors of the EZDev-Plus and EZDev-Tower Dev Boxes
in the UK and Ireland under a partnership agreement with Amiga Inc.  and
parent company of the Eye-Play ( games publishing and
distribution for the Classic and Amiga OE platforms

Products at the show will include:  EZRack 2U x 380mm 19" rack system
containing a full EZDev and Classic A1200 platform networked in the same
case; EZBoot silicon floppy disk allowing direct booting from CDROM on all
WB3+ Amigas; the AMON low distortion automatic monitor switcher for the
Cybervision64-3D and scandoubled AGA outputs; the EZLink AREXX-controlled
infrared controller 'learning' receiver/transmitter for all WB2+ Amigas;
the EZ-Net 5-click Linux-Amiga, Win-Amiga & Amiga-Amiga networking software
and installer; the EZ-VGA range of scan doublers and flickerfixers and much

A rolling presentation under SCALA MM400 will show some of the products
that we physically couldn't bring with us, but regularly send to the US by
mail order.  These include:  the full range of EZDev configuration options,
the EZTower-Z4 A1200 tower system with Z4 expansion board (3 x Z2, 2 x
hi-speed Z2, 2 x 19MB/s Z4, 4 x clock port slots) and many more products.

Special dealer and User Group pricing will be available at the show.
Eyetech can be reached on the web at

Remember, AmiWest 2000 is being held on Friday through Sunday, July 29-30,
2000 at the Holiday Inn, Sacramento NorthEast, in Sacramento, CA.  Classes
and seminars will be held throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday
with the exhibit hall being open on Saturday, July 29th from 10 A.M.  - 5
P.M and Sunday, July 30th 10 A.M.  - 4 P.M.

Specially priced tickets for AmiWest 2000 are available in advance by mail.
Prices are:  two day admission tickets, $12 and one day admission ticket,
$8.  If you elect to purchase tickets at the door, the prices are:  two day
ticket at the door, $15 and One day ticket at the door, $10.  If you are
ordering a one day ticket by mail, please specify which day (Saturday or
Sunday) you are attending.

There will be a buffet banquet on Saturday evening, July 29th, with Bill
McEwen, President of Amiga Inc., as the guest speaker discussing the
progress made to date on the new Amigas.  Price is $35 per plate.  Banquet
tickets must be purchased in advance.  They will NOT be sold on Friday nor
Saturday due to the hotel needing attendance figures for planning the

You can mail your requests for advanced admission and banquet tickets to:

      AmiWest 2000
      c/o John Zacharias
      10004 Vanguard Drive
      Sacramento, CA 95827

Make checks payable to "AmiWest".

A form for ordering tickets can be found on the AmiWest web page at

where you can learn more about AmiWest 2000.

Petro Tyschtschenko, Managing Director, Amiga Deutschland Inc., will be
joining Mr McEwen in attendance at AmiWest 2000.

Special hotel room rates are available at the Holiday Inn for those
attending AmiWest 2000.  Room rates are $ 79 (Single) and $ 89 (double) if
reservations are made by July 7.  You must mention that you are attending
AmiWest to get the special rate.  You can phone the Holiday Inn at
1-916-338-5800 or 1-800-388-9284 (Tool Free - Hotel directly) to make hotel

You will also be able to purchase the recently announced Software
Development Kit (SDK) for the new Amigas at AmiWest 2000.  The SDK is being
sold by several of the exhibitors at the show.

This weekend event will again showcase the progress that IS the Amiga

Hope to see you at AmiWest 2000 on July 29-30, 2000.

John Zacharias, chairperson
AmiWest 2000

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