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Elbox Computer per eMail

CyberGraphX Support für Mediator PCI Grafikkarte
Elbox Computer und Vision Factory Development werden kooperieren, um ein optimales CyberGraphX Grafikkarten-System für PCI-Grafikkarten, die auf dem Mediator PCI 1200 Busboard installiert sind, zu schaffen.

Nachtrag 25.07.2000:
Auf der CyberGraphX-Website wurde eine Supportseite für die Mediator PCI-Grafikkarte eingerichtet.

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 13:50:42 +0200
Organization: ELBOX COMPUTER
Subject: CyberGraphX support for Mediator PCI graphic cards

Elbox Computer       
Vision Factory Development

For Immediate Release

Krakow, PL - 24 July 2000

Elbox Computer, the developer of Amiga hardware and software,
who have designed and produced the MEDIATOR PCI 1200 busboard,
announced a partnership today with Vision Factory Development,
developer of CyberGraphX, the widely popular graphic system
for Amiga computers.
Elbox Computer and Vision Factory Development will co-operate
to port and optimize the CyberGraphX graphic system for
operation with PCI graphic cards installed in the MEDIATOR
PCI 1200 busboard.

CyberGraphX V3 will be available with the MEDIATOR PCI busboard.
CyberGraphX V4, the extended commercial version of this system
may be obtained from all the CyberGraphX distributors; it will
enable even more comprehensive use of the PCI graphic chipsets 

Support for new graphic chipsets will be developed for 
both versions (V3 and V4) of the CyberGraphX system.

Current information on drivers available for MEDIATOR will be 
reported at, the official CyberGraphX website.


The CyberGraphX standard is being supported by all major Amiga
software vendors worldwide. CyberGraphX was designed to define
an independent graphics standard for Amiga graphic boards.
Continued work on Workbench emulation was also an important
issue. Over 7 years of experience in developing graphics board
software was employed in making Workbench control screens
with all the existing Amiga graphic cards.
CyberGraphX is based on hardware-dependent monitor driver and
hardware-independent libraries. This solution has many advantages,
one of these being bug fixes in the Workbench card control.
Speed optimization is another benefit available for ALL the
graphic boards supported by the CyberGraphX system.
CyberGraphX works with majority of the most popular applications
on the Amiga and resources of Public Domain and Demo software
available are broad. 


The MEDIATOR PCI 1200 is a new-generation busboard for Amiga
1200 computers. The MEDIATOR busboard is fitted with four
PCI 2.1-compiliant slots for connecting PCI devices, thus
enabling expansion of Amiga 1200 with a variety of PCI-standard
hardware products.
MEDIATOR's hardware has been made compatible with ALL the
available Amiga 1200 turbo cards. MEDIATOR PCI opens an immense
wealth of PCI cards for Amiga 1200 owners: network, sound,
modem (ISDN), decoding (MPEG-2, MP3), TV, and, most of all,
graphic cards based around chipsets like S3 ViRGE, Savage4,
Voodoo3, Voodoo5, Riva TNT2, etc.
MEDIATOR PCI enables using the high-end cards based around the
latest PowerPC G3/G4 processors (available in the PCI card form)
in Amiga 1200 computers. When this feature is combined with the
PCI graphic cards, totally new superb possibilities are open
for Amiga owners.

Elbox Computer, Press Department
Mariusz Wloczysiak

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