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Ingo Musquinier im ANF

Neue AmiTradeCenter Beta erhältlich
Es ist mal wieder soweit, eine neue Betaversion des FTP-Clients AmiTradeCenter ist erschienen.

05.09.2000 public beta
  • Added a "t" to one of the "direcory" strings which was missing. [ExoBuZz]
  • Fixed a bug when pressing the local "parent" button while connecting which caused garbage in the local string gadget. [ExoBuZz]
  • After a transfer the transferred file, bytes, filelength and the cps are now displayed in the ftplog. [Roland "Ronni" Hopfer]
  • Double entries in the .batchtmp are now filtered, so the list won't replicate itself several times after several crashes. [Roland "Ronni" Hopfer]
  • Reselection of files when revisitting a directory is now done by comparing the filenames with the list instead of just selecting the files by numbers, which could have led to wrong selected entries, when a directory was reloaded after an upload. [Roland "Ronni" Hopfer]
  • The trader now won't try to reconnect to a server, when the servermanager is quitted and therefore also all traders (depends on "auto reconnect" and "closemethod of servermanager" settings).
  • Loginwindow which is opened if neither the username or the password is given didn't work. Fixed. [Ingo Musquinier]
Download: ATC_beta_05092000.lha (ps)

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