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Alfred Sturm

Neue Aminet Uploads
FLeagues_BB2.lha     biz/dbase  116K+Football Database For 50 Leagues (v1.4)
StarBase_CLI.lha     biz/dbase  104K+Star Trek Episodes Database (v3.7b)
StarBase_SCR.lha     biz/dbase  109K+Star Trek Episodes Database (v2.1b)
xtm-twirl.lha        biz/dkg     71K+Additional texture for Extreme
Dopus4Manual.lha     biz/dopus   98K+Official Directory Opus 4 manual
OpusMIAll.lha        biz/dopus  1.3M+OpusMI and OpusMIupd in one Archive
XADopus.lha          biz/dopus   14K+XADopus.module 1.0 - browse XAD archives
CandyPro103b.lha     biz/patch  747K+Update CandyFactoryPro V1.03b (15.12.99)
MCP_v1.33_fix.lha    biz/patch    2K+MCP v1.33 install fix
DalWatch.lha         comm/irc     3K+Interface to Server-side Notify on Dalne
attall.lha           comm/mail   23K+Infos about attachment in yam e-mail
attinfo.lha          comm/mail   24K+Creates a logfile from selected mail
TruncateMail.lha     comm/mail    9K+Removes unnecessary parts from e-mail fi
YAT.lha              comm/mail  510K+Yet Another collection of Taglines for Y
amigalog.lha         comm/misc   51K+Simple Amateur Radio Logbook 
lcr-i.lha            comm/misc  109K+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
lcr.lha              comm/misc  112K+LeastCostRouter for german Telephone Pro
AmFTP191.lha         comm/tcp   335K+AmFTP - ftp/Archie/ADT/ADT-Find Client, 
NullTCP.lha          comm/tcp     6K+Amiga<->Win9x TCP/IP using null-modem.Up
T-Rexx.lha           comm/tcp   105K+Shows current TV-programs in Finland
TcpSpeed.lha         comm/tcp    23K+Measure the TCP throughput of a TCP chan
UMSLaberFilter.lha   comm/ums    16K+Filter out uninteresting messages
GuiSGML.lha          comm/www    79K+SGML/HTML Templating Tool, Graphical Mar
Lynx.lha             comm/www   790K+WWW Browser,v.284dev9 (works with m68k)
wpz-frozen32.lha     demo/aga   616K+Frozen#32 - Fuck Ya Party Edition
wpz-frozen35.lha     demo/aga   941K+Frozen#35 - LTP4 Party Edition
znn_lowb.lha         demo/aga   123K+Short intro by khaos of zenon
ltx-intros.lha       demo/intro 245K+Bugfixed intros from Latex (a must for C
qtz-SMOS.lha         demo/intro   2K+Quartz-Sensible Moon Of Soccer cracktro
DLL.lha              dev/basic   42K+Dynamic Linked List Sources for Blitz
PureBasic.lha        dev/basic  572K+V1.60 - Brand new powerful programming l
PureBasic_Upd.lha    dev/basic  523K+V1.60 - Update for registered users (fro
ShapesFix.lha        dev/basic   18K+Replacement for buggy shapes commands
Emperor.lha          dev/c      491K+Object-oriented programming language
65816_20.lzh         dev/cross  189K+65816 (SNES) assembler & disassembler
checkstack.lha       dev/debug   33K+CheckStack tool for WarpUP including Sou
audio_in_e.lha       dev/e       17K+Audio examples using audio and ahi devic
mpega_in_e.lha       dev/e        5K+Example how to use mpega.library with Am
ColorWheel.lha       dev/gui     27K+Hi-/truecolor colorwheel.gadget (44.7)
GradientSlider.lha   dev/gui      7K+Hi-/truecolor gradient slider (44.5)
Regina.lha           dev/lang   111K+Alternative REXX interpreter, major upda
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   126K+V2.112 creates pragma, inline, ... files
mrq_library.lha      dev/src     79K+Fast C2P + CGX procedures for games, dem
xad_ar.lha           dev/src      9K+Ar(1) xadmaster client
xad_bzip.lha         dev/src     14K+Bzip xadmaster client
xad_CAB.lha          dev/src     43K+Cabinet (CAB) xadmaster client
xad_DImp.lha         dev/src     11K+DImp xadmaster client
xad_MSA.lha          dev/src      7K+Magic Shadow (MSA) xadmaster client
xad_ZAP.lha          dev/src      9K+ZAP xadmaster client
reindeer.txt         docs/anno    1K+A distributed rendering project
BuffyHTML.lha        docs/hyper 393K+Buffy Guide (HTML) v2.1 <FIXED> (79)
gadget45.lha         docs/mags  429K+German Freeware Magazine
Starmag23_HT.lha     docs/mags  424K+German Amiga-Online-Magazine HTML-Versio
EuroChamp.lha        docs/misc   33K+Statistics of soccer Euro Champs '60-'00
F1Champ.lha          docs/misc   59K+Statistics of Formula One '50-'00
jaaug00.lha          docs/misc   78K+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
jajul00.lha          docs/misc   71K+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
WorldCup.lha         docs/misc  115K+Statistics of soccer World Cups '30-'98
AtomicTetris.lzh     game/2play 198K+AtomicTetris PC clone
F1GP_2000.lha        game/data   11K+2000 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (11 Sept
JB_HellRaiser.lha    game/data  2.0M+Hellraiser total conversion for James Bo
SWOSpl_11.lha        game/data   16K+SWOS - Polish League AND some advertisin
xfirelevels.lha      game/data  272K+Alternative levels for the game Crossfir
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  216K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
NapalmSG01.lha       game/hint   62K+Napalm Saved Games 01 - Missions 2 & 3
NapalmSG02.lha       game/hint   68K+Napalm Saved Games 02 - Missions 4 & 5
NapalmSG03.lha       game/hint   65K+Napalm Saved Games 03 - Missions 6 & 7
NapalmSG04.lha       game/hint   71K+Napalm Saved Games 04 - Missions 8 & 9
bauer.lha            game/misc   85K+Farm simulation (German necessary)
KC.lha               game/role   93K+Create your hero for RPG Krysztaly Czasu
LordIII.lha          game/role  2.4M+Lord of Alcandria - chapter III
PureBrain.lha        game/think 162K+Put back the symbols in the right order.
SameGame.lha         game/think  15K+Addictive puzzle game with coloured ball
simplepac.lha        game/wb     74K+Version 1.2 of the simple WB Pacman Game
WBArmy.lha           game/wb    211K+Like Scorched Tanks, but in WB window.
vlab_macro.lha       gfx/conv    52K+VLab-Macro V 1.1 Convert YUV + VLAB to I
PfPaint_ENG.lha      gfx/edit    29K+English documentation for PerfectPaint V
PfPaint_FRA.lha      gfx/edit    32K+French documentation for PerfectPaint V2
PfPaint_V22.lha      gfx/edit   900K+Paint,Anim from 1 to 24bits
PhotoMI.lha          gfx/edit    21K+GlowIcons toolbar for Photogenics
cnetdevice.lha       hard/drivr 134K+PCMCIA Network Card driver. V1.4
pcmser.lha           hard/drivr  14K+PCMCIA modem driver. V0.15. PD w/ src.
Mentat.lha           misc/edu   199K+Mentat 0.5.2 english2english Longman dic
Mentat_data.lha      misc/edu   842K+Mentat 0.5.2 english2english Longman dic
ChipEm.lha           misc/emu    71K+Chip 8 v0.4 Emulator by Balrog Soft
GBE.lha              misc/emu    79K+GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator for WarpU
Nostalgia.lha        misc/emu   201K+THE Multi-Emulation system (1.8)
cutquotes.lha        misc/imdb    9K+Cuts 'quotes.list' entries down to Movie
imdbDiff000901.lha   misc/imdb  4.4M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff000908.lha   misc/imdb  2.4M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
lotto-v8.lha         misc/misc   94K+UK National Lottery Database v8 inc. 
ArtiAmiga.lha        misc/sci   693K+Artificial Intelligence simulator
DA3Demo.lha          misc/sci   2.6M+Demo of Digital Almanac III
rno-r045.lha         mods/misc  562K+Rno-label release no.45 by kure&stefan (
Eldorado.mpg         mods/mpg   5.1M+Eldorado County by Vincent & McGahey
rno-r046.mpg         mods/mpg   3.3M+Rno-label release no.46 by FarFar (Chill
tek_mtone.lha        mods/techn  57K+Monotone - minimalistic stomper
tek_pnoia.lha        mods/techn 227K+Paranoia - psycho intelligent drum
tek_vacum.lha        mods/techn  58K+Vacuum - minimalistic move
Pegase.lha           mus/misc   203K+VHQ MPEG audio encoder (68k/PPC)
rsss.lha             mus/misc    75K+Realtime Sound Synthesis System (preview
EP_MFP.lha           mus/play    10K+EaglePlayer "Magnetic Fields Packer" ext
PlayGUI.lha          mus/play   574K+GUI for HIPPO,MPEGA,PLAY16 AND GMPLAY!
Granade.mpg          pix/3dani  6.1M+Animation of a hand granade
shoot.lha            pix/anim   2.3M+Working on our latest film.
tek_aos35.lha        pix/boot   516K+AmigaOS 35 - rainboot2 config (upd2nd)
tek_aos35_prv.jpg    pix/boot    33K+Amigaos 35 - rainboot2 pview (upd2nd)
tek_rwb85.lha        pix/boot   1.4M+Workbench 85 - rainboot2 config (upd2nd)
tek_rwb85_prv.jpg    pix/boot    90K+Workbench 85 - rainboot2 pview (upd2nd)
crazyGranny.lha      pix/mpg    529K+Mpeg anim of my granny playing football
scene3.lha           pix/mpg    2.1M+Scene from the set of an upcoming film.
SarajevoNight.jpg    pix/views   54K+768x512, Sarajevo at night (2000)
Zagreb.jpg           pix/views   71K+768x512, Zagreb (2000)
FreeEd.lha           text/edit  190K+This is a simple text editor. (It has a 
ascii2jascii.lha     text/misc   17K+Converts ASCII to Japanese ASCII
Kill0D.lha           text/misc    2K+Remove PC CR+LF End-Of-Lines and replace
DSLT02.lha           text/print  20K+DrawStudio's Templates for labels 02 v1.
AntiBlanker.lha      util/blank   9K+A tool that disables your screen blanker
PPS.lha              util/boot   48K+Password Protection for your WB / No mor
Rainboot3.lha        util/boot  864K+Multimedia Has Got A Name v3.0
RandomScenery.lha    util/boot   15K+More than just workbench backdrops
TurboVal.lha         util/boot   17K+The best validator for FFS (v1.9)
Scheduler.lha        util/cdity  33K+Schedule manager and viewer, v1.8
DiskLED1.2.lha       util/cli    15K+DiskLED V1.2 + Source(asm), Moves the LE
HexShow.lha          util/cli     4K+Shows files as Hex
InitPPCLib.lha       util/cli     2K+InitPPCLib: brings ppc.library back
SED.lha              util/cli    13K+Amiga stream editor
ilbmdt44.lha         util/dtype   8K+Improved ilbmdt (44.21)
RGFX-DT.lha          util/dtype 126K+Datatype for IFF-RGFX-Format (43.14)
RGFX-DT35.lha        util/dtype  51K+Datatype for IFF-RGFX-Format (44.2)
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype 103K+JFIF-JPEG datatype (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS) 
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype 131K+PNG image datatype (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS) 
muitoolkit_src.lha   util/libs   48K+V1.1 - The MUI Toolkit library SRC (FREE
Resistor.lha         util/misc   50K+Code&Decode the color rings at resistors
AmiGOD.lha           util/moni   28K+Identifies your Amiga
arc2arc27.lha        util/rexx    4K+Convert any archive format easily
cdmp.lha             util/rexx   22K+Helps to create mp3 from CD's (german)
Dev-Handler.lha      util/sys    22K+Un*x like raw device access handler plus
StringSnip.lha       util/sys    12K+Much better editing features in string g
TransPrefs171.lha    util/sys    15K+Translator Prefs (German) 
simpleclock.lha      util/time   17K+Version 1.5 of the analog clock (OS3.5)
Safe.lha             util/virus  18K+Safe v14.2 - virus dicovering system
vht-vg31.lha         util/virus  85K+VirusWarning.Guide v3.1 (VHT-DK)
BosnianLocale.lha    util/wb     27K+Bosnian AmigaOS 3.1 localization v2
CopyIcon44.lha       util/wb      6K+CopyNewIcon clone for os3.5 (44.3)
DefIcons44.lha       util/wb     64K+DefIcons clone for os3.5 (44.6a)
Dynamite.lha         util/wb     57K+Start button and explorer in one. Fast.
Ico2Info.lha         util/wb      5K+Converts .ICO to .info (44.5)
IconLink.lha         util/wb     23K+Creates Links to icons (OS 3.5 only!)
Image2Icon.lha       util/wb     19K+Creates thumbnail icons from images (1.8
tv-prog.lha          util/wb    306K+(PL/CZ) TV programe on computer! [v0.80]

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