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Neue Aminet Uploads
Videomanage.lha      biz/dbase  1.7M+A Videodatabase
LPx.lha              comm/net     3K+Print scripts for Samba, v1.0
MP-TelekomSI.lha     comm/tcp     2K+Settings for MiamiPhone v1.5
wpz-fun.lha          demo/aga     6K+4kb intro by Whelpz released on Astrosyn
wpz-info02.lha       demo/aga   100K+Whelpz info issue #o2 (january 1999)
MWI-Overview03.lha   demo/slide 2.1M+OVERVIEW #03 by MAWI. party slideshow an
fda-upd.lha          disk/cache  70K+Fixed:OS35 checksums ViNCEd faster compa
fda.lha              disk/cache 352K+Linux' buffer-cache v3.0
dblocate.lha         disk/misc   21K+A quick find util like locate on Linux
AnnuaireAmiga6.txt   docs/anno    4K+Announce for the new http://www.annuaire
WarpGIF-DT.txt       docs/anno    2K+Datatype for GIF-Images with WarpOS (40.
VWorksPricelis.lha   docs/hyper  23K+Virtual Works pricelist 
3DWorldArc0600.lha   docs/misc  104K+Archive of the 3D World ML for 06/00
3DWorldArc0700.lha   docs/misc   48K+Archive of the 3D World ML for 07/00
3DWorldArc0800.lha   docs/misc   36K+Archive of the 3D World ML for 08/00
3DWorldArc0900.lha   docs/misc   10K+Archive of the 3D World ML for 09/00
3DWorldArc1000.lha   docs/misc   20K+Archive of the 3D World ML for 10/00
FatePL.lha           game/role   14K+FatePL - Ultimate Dice Simulator for RPG
nam.lha              game/text  126K+Czech text adventure game
BStones.lha          game/think 183K+BubbleStones 1.4, Bust a Move like
WBsteroids.lha       game/wb    174K+Asteroids-clone in scaleable wb-window
akMPEG4.lha          gfx/show   196K+MPEG player (CGfx/P96/AGA) V4.50 (68k/PP
ASpEmu.lha           misc/emu   127K+V0.76 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
ASpEmu_NOROM.lha     misc/emu    65K+V0.76 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
stlist.lha           misc/emu    24K+Lists Atari .ST diskimage content
imdbDiff001013.lha   misc/imdb  2.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
JochenHippelST.lha   mods/chip  197K+Atari ST Mods by famous musicians
ThunderBlade.lha     mods/misc  253K+Custom modules from "Thunder Blade"
rno-r049.mpg         mods/mpg   1.9M+Rno-records release no.49 by Tarmslyng/l
atdt.lha             mods/pro   291K+'ATDT' - a protracked MOD by  &.
g-nainenjatotu.lha   mods/pro   404K+'G-nainen ja Totuus' - a protracked MOD 
jehovantodista.lha   mods/pro   253K+'Jehovan Todistaja' - a protracked MOD b
mechno.lha           mods/pro   377K+'Mechno' - a protracked MOD by  &.
suurivalkoinen.lha   mods/pro   251K+'Suuri Valkoinen' - a protracked MOD by 
twinblade.lha        mods/pro   811K+'Twin Blade' - a protracked MOD by  &.
worthless.lha        mods/pro   265K+'Worthless' - a protracked MOD by  &.
EP_PaulSummers.lha   mus/play     5K+EaglePlayer "Paul Summers" external repl
plone.lha            mus/play   450K+V1.6 - PlayList AddOn for PlayGui
AladdinBoot.lha      pix/boot   510K+Aladdin Bootup for Rainboot3
BaaackBoot.lha       pix/boot   455K+Baaack Bootup for Rainboot3
BeatboxBoot.lha      pix/boot   227K+Beatbox Bootup for Rainboot3
LionKingBoot.lha     pix/boot   142K+LionKing Bootup for Rainboot3
WSucksBoot.lha       pix/boot   865K+WindowsSucks Bootup for Rainboot3
fomsw22.jpg          pix/henz     9K+C-3PO and R2-D2 (Star Wars)
Rio91.jpg            pix/views   90K+Rio de Janeiro - Take from the Photo-CD 
Rio96.jpg            pix/views  107K+Rio de Janeiro - Take from the Photo-CD 
Rio98.jpg            pix/views  156K+Rio de Janeiro - Take from the Photo-CD 
guidecheck.lha       text/edit   60K+V1.21 AmigaGuide syntax checker (and mor
ascii2jascii.lha     text/misc   35K+ASCII to Japanese ASCII (68k/ppc/wos)
r.lha                util/cli    49K+V1.56 Just in time GUIs for every DOS Co
delfina4.16bet.lha   util/libs   21K+Delfina.library version 4.16 (beta)
AmiGOD.lha           util/moni   98K+V1.26 - Test and identify wb-program
XPKPatch18.lha       util/pack   22K+Unpacks XPK, PP & CrM files "on the fly"
Scion2html.lha       util/rexx   33K+WWW browser HTML's from Scion Genealogy 

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