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Dirk Harlaar im ANF

CS&E wieder da
Nach einer längeren Diskussion hat sich David Connolly entschlossen, den Amiga-Bereich von CS&E an Dirk Harlaar in Deutschland zu übergeben:

CS&E not completely gone

As David Connolly, director of CS&E, announced, CS&E England has left the Amiga market. After long discussions, David Connolly has decided to hand over the Amiga part of CS&E to the newly appointed sales director, Dirk Harlaar.

Based in Germany, this branch of CS&E will focus on games distribution for the Amiga as well as the PC. The forthcoming educational software "Cosmos Fun Class" is at this time being translated into German and Dutch, in order to reach a wider audience.

Further products can not yet be announced, as CS&E has just started this branch, and is still looking for games devellopers who want to publish their work through their outlets.

Dirk Harlaar am 28. Oktober 2000 im ANF (sd)

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