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Chris Hodges per eMail

XMas Edition of FormAldiHyd V1.2
today is XMas eve and therefore the day of presents. So quickly grab the new version 1.2 of FormAldiHyd from my homepage.

  • V1.2 (24-Dec-00): (28860/13144 Bytes)
  • Released to my homepage and AmiNet.
  • Fixed the bugs with relative mouse movement (Cinema4D) and FlipX and/or FlipY enabled (thanks to Roger Petry for giving me the hint).
  • Reduced lower LMB Threshold limit from 13% to 1% on users request.
  • Added a second usable area slider for mouse only, so you can change between mouse and stylus on the fly and have a suitable acceleration for the mouse movements.
  • Range for the tablet was 1 pixel off set (minor flaw).
  • Iconify on startup did not work as stated in the manual (lazy me never tried it, sorry), so I added an option to iconify in the prefs.
  • Changed the GUI layout a little bit.
  • Added a FAQ to the guide.
  • Painted a nice MWB icon for FormAldiHyd. Does anyone want to design a NewIcon or GlowIcon?
  • Added a niffy logo to FormAldiHyd (sorry :) ).
  • Formalin now parses the ToolTypes and therefore can be started from Workbench without problems now.
Just a few minutes ago, Gerhard Müller sent an email to me, telling me that he has managed to get the Tablet working in conjunction with his MFCIII. Moreover, he has supplied me a patch that is included in this mail (thank you so much, Gerhard!). All users with MFCIII should try out this patch and see if it's any good and solves the problem.

So this will be the last update for this millenium. Enjoy your xmas holidays and happy new year! See you in 2001 :) And let's see who will notice a slight change in my geek code in a few days :-D (ps)

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