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Halvadjian Georges im ANF

PerfectPaint V2.4
PerfectPaint V2.4 steht unter dem Titellink zum Download bereit. Was ist neu?
  • Improve some requester
  • Improve Brush Mosaic
  • Raylab Factory: RayLab Factory is a powerfull and simple gui for RayLab. With this gui, you can:
    • Select a predefined shapes or 3D font.
    • mappe you shape with predefined textures or a mapping image.
    • rotate your shape, place your light ...
    • and build you picture or brush directly in perfectpaint. RayLab is a freeware raytracer made by Marcus Geelnard.
Include in PerfectPaint package, the raylab881 executable and the documentation (with the permission of the author). There is a Wos version of Raylab on Aminet (raylabwos.lha) and a 'PPC elf' version, on the official Raylab homepage
  • fixed a bug while saving CMAP palette
  • New tool: Rotated ellipse
  • several bugs corrected with CMAP brush
  • small bugs corrected with gradient effect, starfield effect, zoom, TurboPrint and Symetrie
  • Add Load and Save Stencil
  • Use AsyncIO.library
  • PPM picture can, now be loaded and saved.
  • Fix a bug with the arexx command: pp_Render, the script for saving Gif anim will works well now
  • Animation can be croped.
  • Improve PerfectPaint aspect: Desktop and Requester can have pattern (in PPM format) (see prefs/Backgrounds)
  • You can, now, manage 10 different brushes. With these brushes you can create, loading and saving Albums.
  • Little bug fixed with XPK requester
  • New Color effect: Adjust levels and Auto levels.
  • If you change depth of your picture, Current brush is automatically remapped
  • Improve balance requester
  • Improve Rubber stamp
  • Improve arexx script: LoadPS (postscript)

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