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Amiga Future News

'The Commodore Billboard' braucht Hilfe
Amiga Future schreibt:
´The Commodore Billboard´ hat ein relativ großes Problem. Die Seite hat 17 neue TV-Werbespots und diverses anderes Material, jedoch keine Möglichkeit, diese Mengen auf dem eigenen Server den Usern anzubieten. Deshalb sucht Soren dringend User, die einzelne Files auf ihren Servern speichern. Wenn jemand diese Möglichkeit hat, soll er sich doch bitte per eMail melden.

Hier die ganze Meldung:
«The 17 tv-ads require some 70 MB. This will generate more traffic than I'm allowed to use on my server. I'm currently in contact with a guy who might be able to host all the files for free. This is obviously the ultimate solution, but if this fails, I would like to know if some of you die-hard Commodore fans out there would be willing to help me?

Instead of one server hosting all the videoclips, I was wondering if we could spread the files over several servers. If 17 people would volunteer and host 1 file each? You would have to provide between 2.2 and 5.5 MB storage space each. Would anyone be interested? I order to make this work, I guess it'll have to be all or nothing. If only 5 people volunteer, I think I'll scratch this hosting idea. As you may have traffic limits on your accounts I can inform you that The Commodore Billboard has between 30-40 visitors aday. This will ofcourse be higher for a short while, when the news about the 17 tv-ads reaches the Commodore news sites. But then again, not all 40 will download 5 MB video clips. And with the audiopreviews available, maybe people will be more selective and not just download the whole lot. This might help decrease traffic. By the way, you have to provide webspace on fairly decent servers. I wouldn't want people to download the videoclips with a speed of 0.2 KB/sec. ;-))

Any help in solving the hosting problem is much appreciated. eMail» (ps)

[Meldung: 17. Jan. 2001, 00:58] [Kommentare: 6 - 17. Jan. 2001, 22:25]
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