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Neue Aminet Uploads bis 03.03.2001
Der Zugang zum deutschen Aminet ist seit 2 Tagen dicht; deshalb heute die Uploads der letzten 7 Tage direkt vom Wuarchive.

FLeagues_BB2.lha   biz/dbase  116K   0 Football Database For 50 Leagues (v1.5a)
AE40-czech.lha     biz/haage   15K   0 ArtEffect 4.0 - Czech locale
AE40-francais.lha  biz/haage   15K   0 ArtEffect 4.0 - Francais locale
AE40-italiano.lha  biz/haage   19K   0 ArtEffect 4.0 - Italiano locale
AW20-czech.lha     biz/haage   13K   0 AmigaWriter 2.0 - Czech locale
AW20-italiano.lha  biz/haage   13K   0 AmigaWriter 2.0 - Italiano locale
AW20-nederland.lha biz/haage   13K   0 AmigaWriter 2.0 - Nederlands locale
AW20-turkce.lha    biz/haage   13K   0 AmigaWriter 2.0 - Turkce (turkish) locale
GI-TB_ArtEffec.lha biz/haage   42K   0 GlowIcon Toolbar for ArtEffect 4
amirsay.lha        comm/irc    62K   0 Speech for AmIRC (Loads of settings) V5.4b
3pYAM.lha          comm/mail   24K   0 AddOn for YAM and free email-address
Spitfire2.lha      comm/misc  787K   0 Palm Desktop for the Amiga!
AmyGate.lha        comm/net   116K   0 THE Aminet download manager V1.1A
adt_ixemul.lha     comm/tcp    78K   0 Aminet Download Tool 2.6, AmigaOS
Amitcpprefs_GR.lha comm/tcp     4K   0 Greek locale catalog for AmiTCP Prefs
facts.lha          comm/tcp    89K   0 V4.4 NTP clock synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
NetConnect_GR.lha  comm/tcp     3K   0 Greek locale catalog for NetConnect
Nature-Grid2f.lha  demo/intro  87K   0 Grid 2 final, winner 64k at TP2000
rno-aldi.lha       demo/slide 6.4M   0 RNO: "Goes Aldi" a TP2k partyslideshow
SamplesMaster.lha  dev/amos    92K   0 Creates IFF and RAW samples (italian)
yaec.lha           dev/e      460K   0 Yaec - Yet Another E Compiler [1.4a]
Basir.lha          dev/misc    64K   0 Commodore Basic reader and converter
Localizer1.39.lha  dev/misc   213K   0 A Locale Development Tool
MCC_NListtree.lha  dev/mui    260K   0 MUI list tree class for NList
NotizieAmiga.lha   docs/hyper 718K   0 ITALIAN ONLY comunicati NotizieAmiga 02/2001
AaktInt0201.lha    docs/mags  243K   0 International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0201GFX.lha docs/mags  305K   0 International infotainment magazine (graphics)
AIOV44.lha         docs/mags  319K   0 Amiga Information Online, Issue 44 (February 2000)
3DWorldArc0101.lha docs/misc   81K   0 Archive of the 3D World ML for 01/01
3DWorldArc1200.lha docs/misc   37K   0 Archive of the 3D World ML for 12/00
ChaosLite.lha      game/board 5.7M   0 World's Best Board Game! 1-8 players! Fantasy Wiza
Mattonite.lha      game/demo  259K   0 BreakOut demo game, working in progress
Mattonite_Src.lha  game/demo   33K   0 Source codes of Mattonite and MattoniteEd
Yatzy2000.lha      game/misc  121K   0 Another nice Yatzy game (MUI)
NapalmPL.lha       game/patch  11K   0 Polish Locale for Napalm
Experiment_Ful.lha game/role  1.3M   0 Futuristic graphic adventure
Awale.lha          game/think  56K   0 Awal  game for Amiga (french version)
Emerald.lha        game/wb    1.3M   0 Simple and different Games and effects in a window
Pishti.lha         game/wb    106K   0 Popular Turkish card game. (v1.03)
SmartScale.lha     gfx/conv    17K   0 A CLI program used for graphics conversion scripts
Photo2Ifx.lha      gfx/edit     1K   0 ARexx Script to load images selected in Photofolio
Perl.lha           misc/antiq 117K   0 Perl v
MemoTecV2.lha      misc/edu   156K   0 MemoTec - mind trainer (polish)
551convGUI.lha     misc/emu    19K   0 GUI for 551conv
apple2000e.lha     misc/emu    38K   0 Apple2000 with 2e extensions!
imdbDiff010216.lha misc/imdb  2.6M   0 Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
SpaTra07.lha       misc/misc   71K   0 Spanish Translations Pack 07 v0.20
hardriving.lha     mods/house 641K   0 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper
ignorance.lha      mods/house 307K   0 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper
slowfood.lha       mods/house 255K   0 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper
spinsession.lha    mods/house 417K   0 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper
AntiqueDreamFu.lha mods/med   4.3M   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
Aphex401.lha       mods/med   934K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
Aphex401Fix.lha    mods/med   151K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
AutomaticTranc.lha mods/med   348K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
ChaosPlus.lha      mods/med   125K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
ElectronicCity.lha mods/med   796K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
FastXRace1.lha     mods/med   1.1M   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
FastXRace2.lha     mods/med   949K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
IntroToTheRace.lha mods/med   319K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
IntroToTheWorl.lha mods/med   343K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
MainCode.lha       mods/med    27K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
OneGoodDay.lha     mods/med   152K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
QuickStart.lha     mods/med   408K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
RaceB.lha          mods/med   261K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
Syndromedia.lha    mods/med   579K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
SysOIX-MCHVers.lha mods/med    42K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
SystemOfSynthS.lha mods/med    87K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
SystempOSVe4mo.lha mods/med   206K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
TheNight.lha       mods/med   134K   0 By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
alien.mpg          mods/mpg   3.2M   0 Alien busters. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) t
bc-andro.mpg       mods/mpg   5.0M   0 Andromeda:  Ambient new age music
deathstar.mpg      mods/mpg   4.1M   0 Deep inside. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) tun
deepinside.mpg     mods/mpg   3.6M   0 Deep inside. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) tun
earthquake.mpg     mods/mpg   4.1M   0 Earth quake. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) tun
lukeskywalker.mpg  mods/mpg   3.7M   0 Luke Skywalker. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) 
rockalive.mpg      mods/mpg   3.2M   0 Rock is alive. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) t
sommar.mpg         mods/mpg   3.0M   0 Sommartider. Full 44khz (mono) Psytrance (MP3) tun
SmallPlugin2.lha   mus/play    28K   0 A fast, small and transparent AmigaAMP plugin
CastroD1.mpg       pix/3dani   12M   0 The Demo Castro 1
auge.jpg           pix/art     18K   0 Picture called "In the eye of the observer" 
aquiz01.jpg        pix/henz   236K   0 Amiga Quizshow
aquiz02.jpg        pix/henz   397K   0 Amiga Quizshow
aquiz03.jpg        pix/henz   250K   0 Amiga Quizshow
MyBVisionWB2.jpg   pix/wb     252K   0 A screenshot of my WB...please check it out=) 
BTopaz.lha         text/bfont   9K   0 Bulgarian kirilized Topaz font + Keymap
html-php.lha       text/edit   22K   0 Extended HTML,PHP,JavaScript,JSP parser
Epson_400.lha      text/print  40K   0 Epson Stylus 400/440/460 Driver for WB V40.21
SubStr.lha         util/cli     7K   0 Returns a substring from a given string
wavdt41.lha        util/dtype  17K   0 Datatype for wave sounds 68k+WOS (41.7a)
1200module.lha     util/moni    6K   0 A1200/060 Voodoo3 3000 Sysspeed Test module
DOSTrace213.lha    util/moni   24K   0 SnoopDOS-like System Monitor      V2.13
DefComp.lha        util/wb     26K   0 Popup menu program selection for DefIcon
Image2Icon.lha     util/wb     56K   0 Creates thumbnail icons 68k+WOS (1.16a)

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