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Aminet-Uploads bis 13.03.2001
Football.lha         biz/dbase  583K+*NEW* Version 2.6 - Setup your own leagu
HTMLread.lha         comm/mail  484K+YAM-Plugin to read HTML-Emails
OrangeFTPd.lha       comm/tcp    16K+OrangeFTPd V1.0, freeware FTP daemon.
Tango.lha            comm/tcp   114K+Samba/smb-handler gui. 
NGC-Animatunes.lha   demo/file  1.7M+Animatunes / N.G.C (WHD version)
NGC-ArtParadis.lha   demo/file  1.4M+Artificial Paradise / N.G.C (WHD version
wpz-impact.mpg       demo/file   12M+VHS demo by Whelpz+Potion released at Sa
SceneArchives.lha    demo/mag   1.3M+SASU v1.09: Ultimate Demo CDs-11 CD's (8
clockita.lha         dev/basic   67K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
Dorkalize.lha        dev/c      172K+Very powerful localization tool, v0.9
AmiSlateSource.lha   dev/misc   188K+Partial source code for AmiSlate1.4
Amygate1.1PL.lha     docs/help    5K+Polish Locale for Amygate1.1
Virus_ChkII_PL.lha   docs/help    7K+Polish Locale for Virus_CheckerII
starmag26_ht.lha     docs/mags  1.6M+German Amiga-Online-Magazine HTML-Versio
TheCrypt16.lha       docs/mags  2.1M+Issue 16 of "The Crypt" magazine
Toadies_Interv.lha   docs/misc    3K+Amiga Arena Interview mit Thilo Khler
FA_Talkie.lha        game/2play   6K+Better talkie files for Frontal Assault
Toadies.lha          game/2play 1.0M+Version 8.0 - a real Worms clone !
ChaosLite.lha        game/board 5.7M+World's Best Board Game! 1-8 players! Fa
Inju2CARDS.lha       game/data  253K+Anime Cardset for Soliton
Mattonite_Src.lha    game/demo   37K+Source codes of Mattonite and MattoniteE
Diamchal.lha         game/misc  248K+Platform: collect diamonds V1.0 !FINAL!
NapalmPL.lha         game/patch  11K+Polish Locale for Napalm
angband.lha          game/role  726K+Angband 2.9.2 - Roguelike solo RPG
World.lha            game/role  199K+"WORLD" text adventure, includes source 
colourlines.lha      game/think 107K+Logical ball game
Now_Pop_Quiz_2.lha   game/think 351K+Quiz for all music fans around the world
Now_Pop_Quiz_3.lha   game/think 486K+Quiz for all music fans around the world
Now_Pop_Quiz_4.lha   game/think 542K+Quiz for all music fans around the world
SmartScale.lha       gfx/conv    17K+A CLI/WB program used for gfx conversion
FlashMandelPPC.lha   gfx/fract  3.9M+The best fractal rendering program for A
FormAldiHyd.lha      hard/drivr 120K+V2.2, Driver for Aldi/Tevion/Aiptek/Waco
cpcd2dsk.lha         misc/emu    15K+EmuCPC .CPCD to .DSK format converter
imdbDiff010302.lha   misc/imdb  5.9M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
Da_13b.lha           misc/misc  126K+Calorie counter and more, italian versio
atom.lha             misc/sci    78K+Propability densities of  electrons in p
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit    77K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
Amoralplay1.5.lha    mus/play   121K+A no fuss multiformat audio player.
Panos3D.lha          pix/trace  203K+Some 3D pictures by Panos
recoilwb02.jpg       pix/wb     206K+*recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picass
recoilwb03.jpg       pix/wb     280K+*recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picass
recoilwb04.jpg       pix/wb     179K+*recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picass
CloudedViews.lha     pix/wfm    2.2M+7 graphix on knowing the heart
QuickNote.lha        text/edit   63K+Notepad for scrap-notes (very handy)
HP_Deskjet870C.lha   text/print  41K+Deskjet 8x0C/9x0C Driver for WB V40.13
BackDrop12.lha       util/boot   26K+Force Workbench 1.3 to run in a normal w
Kill2090.lha         util/boot   14K+Reboot, toggle NTSC/PAL, disable autocon
mathlibspatch.lha    util/boot    9K+Mathffp, ieeesingtrans libs SpeedUp Patc
Wibby.lha            util/boot   19K+Small, quick, and useful taskbar util
HardwareInfo2.lha    util/libs   31K+Library for hardware check and control
Pony3D.lha           util/libs   43K+Library with 3D graphic functions
ReqAttack.lha        util/misc  628K+Best, configurable requesters for Amiga
ReqAttackUpd.lha     util/misc   85K+RAPrefsMUI1.71 - ANOTHER BUGFIX
Lightpen.lha         util/sys     9K+Lightpen-Handler, use lightpen instead o
MegaRamfix.lha       util/sys     4K+Elsat.device fix
SaveROM.lha          util/sys     6K+Save`s ROM to file
QuickLens.lha        util/wb      7K+A quick lens, any OS, source included
SystemReset.lha      util/wb     22K+Simply reset tool
VBRControler.lha     util/wb     18K+Tool to control your VBR location.

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