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Tao Group

Tao Group Pressemitteilung
Tao Group gibt in der nachfolgenden Pressemitteilung die Partnerschaft mit PSION bekannt. PSION Teklogix ist die Firma, die EPOC - ein Betriebssystem ähnlich dem Palm-OS - herstellt. Um auf den Klein-Computern von PSION schnelles Java bieten zu können, soll nun zusätzlich intent von Tao genutzt werden.

Hier die komplette Pressemitteilung:

Tao Group and PSION Announce New Co-operation for Enterprise Sector

CeBIT, March 22nd, 2001 -- Tao Group and PSION Teklogix today announced a major new relationship to provide enterprise customers with faster and smarter JavaTM applications running on EPOC. This new development will be showcased on the PSION stand at CeBIT, Hall 19, booth D39.

Using Tao Group's innovative intent®, JavaTM Java Technology Edition (JTE), developers will now be able to design and run advanced Java applications, never before possible on the EPOC platform. Enterprise applications can now run on a broader range of mobile devices, allowing faster delivery of critical business information - vital in sectors such as field services and mobile sales.

Jamie Bodley-Scott, Market Development Manager, Psion Teklogix, commented: "By developing this platform, we are recognising the vital importance that high performance Java is playing within the corporate environment. intent provides a fully SUN certified implementation of PersonalJava - significantly increasing speed, flexibility and making multi-threading a reality in the mobile enterprise arena."

Francis Charig, Chairman of Tao said: "The importance of EPOC in wireless devices is increasingly in evidence, especially in regions such as Japan. Tao is working with PSION to ensure that the very best multimedia and Java technologies will become available on EPOC-based appliances and to help drive EPOC products into future generations of digital devices."

Tao Group will be joining the PSION stand at CeBIT, Hall 19 Booth D39, from 22nd March to 28th March 2001. (ps)

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