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25.Mär.2001 (ANF)

Status Update for WinUAE 0.8.16
Status Update for WinUAE 0.8.16 from March 24, 2001
  • Now have "direct" mode of JIT working thanks to patches from Bernd Roesch, but this (currently) requires WinUAE to be compiled under VisualC++ instead of GCC/MinGW32, which thus breaks the bsdsocket.library emulation.
  • Now have virtual Picasso96 screens (Bernd Roesch)
  • Merged in many changes from 0.8.16 core UAE tree (Bernd Schmidt). Note: This breaks AGA sprites completely.
  • Investigating DirectSound vs. WaveOut APIs for audio output, due to SB-Live! issues.
  • Support for multiple mice being added, thanks to patches from Andreas.
  • Fixed old floppy-disk writing bugs (Toni Wilen).
  • Removed NT4 support.
  • Removed 24-bit pixels support.
  • gzip.dll support for handling .adz files (no console window popping up anymore)
  • MIDI input support (Bernd Roesch)
  • New serial-port emulation (Bernd Roesch)
  • Cleaning up source-tree in preparation for release.

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