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Richard H. Poser II per E-Mail

AmigAIM BETA Version 0.9411 erschienen
Von AmigaAIM, dem AOL Instant Messenger für Amiga, ist die neue Betaversion 0.9411 verfügbar und steht an den üblichen Stellen zum Download bereit.

Hier die Original-Nachricht:
AmigAIM 0.9411 Beta (24 Mar 2001)
  • This is a rather small update, compared to what is actually operational (or partially operational) in my latest unreleased version, which will probably never be publically released, as a complete rewrite is in progress
  • Instant Messages are now sent to the server in V4 format. (shouldn't even be a noticeable change)
  • System login to Server now uses Version 4.1 protocol, this means that the password is now sent using a new protocol which encodes the password before being sent to the server (using an MD5 Hashing scheme), therefore increasing the security during system login.
NOTE: As mentioned on the Mailing List, this will probably be the last release for quite a while, as I started rewriting the entire program from scratch about a week ago

BTW: As of my last internal release before starting the rewrite, I had worked out and implemented several items. File transfer, search by common interest, selection of common interests to send to server for your own profile, etc... Hopefully, all these items will also be implemented in my rewrite :-) - In the last operational internal version, the file transfer code has so many bugs it was deemed easier to rewrite the whole program. (ps)

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