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Aminet-Uploads bis 03.04.2001
FootballPatch.lha    biz/dbase  109K+Patches for Football 2.6
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   78K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.5.1
Indy5Theme.lha       biz/dopus  5.5M+Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2
DCF77update.lha      biz/patch  573K+Update for DCF77 3.0-3.10 to 3.11
DCPatch.lha          biz/patch   34K+Some Bugfixes and improvements for DosCo
YAM22GrkCP.lha       comm/mail    4K+Greek charset conversion files for YAM 2
TTimeDeluxe.lha      comm/misc  582K+Displays Phonecosts online (Germany only
Amster-locale.lha    comm/tcp   352K+Napster client for Amiga with nice GUI
Amster-main.lha      comm/tcp   199K+Napster client for Amiga with nice GUI
Amster-source.lha    comm/tcp   144K+Napster client for Amiga with nice GUI
BabelDoc.lha         comm/tcp    30K+Translate docs or strings from one langu
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   362K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
TaskiSMS_PL.lha      comm/tcp   181K+Polish catalog & documentation for Taski
simplehtml.lha       comm/www    34K+V0.15 of the simple HTML Offline Browser
wpz-impact.mpg       demo/file  2.9M+VHS demo by Whelpz+Potion released at Sa
Distance2.lzh        dev/amos     4K+Computes distances between 2 points on e
repos_demo.lha       dev/misc     9K+Small demo source of drag`n`drop lib and
ScalosDev.lha        dev/misc    49K+Scalos Development Kit v3
muimaster020.lha     dev/mui     97K+Muimaster.library 020 patch Rel 3
Amplifier2.21P.lha   docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for Amplifier2.21
BookCon1.4PL.lha     docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for BookConverter1.4
HardDrive.lha        docs/help   14K+The Amiga Hard Disk Guide
hmg4ng.lha           docs/hyper  61K+AG about Metal Bands - V 4.0 NG
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 777K+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 03/2001 (Itali
AaktInt0301.lha      docs/mags  208K+International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0301GFX.lha   docs/mags  105K+International infotainment magazine (gra
FireballExtr1a.lha   docs/mags  843K+German Entertainment Magazine
FireballExtr1b.lha   docs/mags  834K+German Entertainment Magazine
Fireball_2HTML.lha   docs/mags  596K+German Entertainment Magazine
Fireball_5a.lha      docs/mags  741K+German Entertainment Magazine
Fireball_5b.lha      docs/mags  666K+German Entertainment Magazine
mc501.lha            docs/mags  386K+German Metal Mag in HTML - May 2001 Issu
wtdcsea.lha          game/2play  17K+An underwater level type for WormsDC
wtdcwb.lha           game/2play  32K+A WorkBench 3 level type for WormsDC
DopeWars.lha         game/actio  46K+Classic game where you go around and buy
dynSP_Style.lha      game/data   94K+SouthPark Style for dynAMIte
MagicSets.lha        game/data   34K+3 nice 256 colour sets for MagicNumbers!
MOTU_11.lha          game/data   30M+Abode of Golgotha 2 - Heretic II Addon
obvious.lha          game/data  102K+DynAMIte style with obvious colors
M-1_Demo1.lha        game/demo  1.9M+Game Demo by Marcio Esper playable more 
sys.lha              game/gag     7K+Commodore C64 SYS command emulator
pawclaw.lha          game/jump  133K+Arcade platformer
roper.lha            game/jump  467K+Roper
SManMOSB2.lha        gfx/fract  121K+Mandelbrot generator for MorphOS
SManWOSB2.lha        gfx/fract  133K+Mandelbrot generator for WarpOS
NcodeR_Indy5.lha     gfx/misc   145K+Skin for NcodeR V1.5x +++
NcodeR_TD21.lha      gfx/misc   217K+Skin for NcodeR V1.5x +++
MMKeyboard.lha       hard/hack  133K+V0.62 Use entire Multmedia Keyboard on A
ps2m.lha             hard/hack   21K+Ultimate Amiga PS/2 Wheel Mouse Controll
TestGear-Notes.lha   hard/hack    7K+Test equipment projects, general notes.
TestGear3.lha        hard/hack  257K+Simple test equipment projects, Disk 3.
TestGear4A.lha       hard/hack  288K+The Oscilloscope Project Disk 4A.
TestGear4A.lha       hard/misc  288K+The Oscilloscope Project Disk 4A.
DarcNES.lha          misc/emu   116K+NES/SMS/GG/PCE/SG1000/CV emulator v9b031
imdbDiff010323.lha   misc/imdb  1.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
diru.lha             misc/misc  2.9M+English <-> Russian dictionary (near 700
diru_nodb.lha        misc/misc   85K+English <-> Russian dictionary (near 700
elu_grav.mpg         mods/elbie 5.2M+Elusive Cure - Gravety [Gothic] By ElbiE
memory.mpg           mods/elbie 2.9M+A Memory of the Past [Electric] by ElbiE
crs_apac.lha         mods/techn 329K+CRS00059: phase - apache
crs_mend.lha         mods/techn 968K+CRS00058: jocko - mendes
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit    80K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
Episode-II.lha       pix/anim   4.8M+Star Wars Ep 2 intro sequence (.mov)    
GameIcons1.lha       pix/gicon  551K+Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games.
lch-JapIcons3.lha    pix/gicon  101K+Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 3
NetGlowIcons.lha     pix/gicon    5K+A few GlowIcons for AmigaOS 3.5+
AmigaFINlogo.gif     pix/irc      6K+#AmigaFIN
Hipsamtab4.jpg       pix/misc    53K+More pics of this amazing Amiga. Read .r
Hipsamtab5.jpg       pix/misc    51K+More pics of this amazing Amiga. Read .r
Hipsamtab6.jpg       pix/misc    58K+More pics of this amazing Amiga. Read .r
Pointers.lha         pix/misc     7K+Some cool mouse pointers!
sg-strip_10.lha      pix/misc    64K+[ancor] StarGround 10
sg-strip_9.lha       pix/misc    46K+[ancor] StarGround 9
yoroshii.lha         pix/misc   281K+[ancor] a pic with Sandra & Sarah
x-not-x.mpg          pix/mpg    2.5M+A preview for an upcoming film
AKIconzGold.lha      pix/mwb    531K+The ALL NEW 32 col. Icon Collection #1
cbm-logo.lha         pix/trace   55K+C4D Commodore logo by Hibisch
madonna.jpg          pix/wb     148K+Hand drawn picture of Madonna
wb1200_1.jpg         pix/wb      79K+How to make the best out of 2MB Chip-RAM
wb1200_2.jpg         pix/wb      69K+How to make the best out of 2MB Chip-RAM
guideml2.lha         text/hyper  54K+Cool AmigaGuide -> HTML converter (V2.2)
AutoPDF12.lha        text/misc   20K+AutoPDF 1.2 - Convert Postscript to PDF
Epson_400.lha        text/print  25K+Epson Stylus 400/440/460 Driver for WB V
Epson_600.lha        text/print  26K+Epson Stylus 600/700 Driver for WB V40.2
acces1-11B.lha       util/app    33K+Multi User system (difrent settings and 
RemAPollo.lha        util/boot   64K+A1200 04060 MMU Apollo Turboboard Rema
titleshadow.lha      util/boot   20K+Add shadows or outines to your window ti
WoW.lha              util/conv   40K+Text converter (Html, Ww6, Rtf, AGuide, 
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  351K+Report+ 4.4: Multipurpose utility
ReqAttack.lha        util/misc  635K+Best, configurable requesters for Amiga
ReqAttackUpd.lha     util/misc  117K+RAPrefsMUI1.74, ReqAttack1.60 
SelectOSv.1.1.lha    util/misc   11K+Select AmigaOS and/or Linux APUS and/or 
WheelBusMouse.lha    util/mouse  10K+Bus Mouse wheel support
ScreenShell.lha      util/shell   6K+Opens full size shell on new public scre
DRemind_Ger.lha      util/time   18K+German catalogs for DRemind 1.57
VEPatchBrain.lha     util/virus  16K+PatchBrain v1.27 for VirusExecutor v2.xx
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 252K+VirusExecutor v2.09
QuickLens.lha        util/wb      8K+A quick lens, any OS, source included
ScalosModuleEC.lha   util/wb     22K+Scalos 'Execute Command' Replacement
ScalosPlugin39.lha   util/wb     17K+Scalos 'Workbench 3.9' Plugin
ScalosPluginPW.lha   util/wb     17K+Scalos 'Persistant Windows' Plugin
ScalosPluginTP.lha   util/wb     12K+Scalos 'Titlebar PPC' Plugin
ScalosPluginVG.lha   util/wb     13K+Scalos 'Volume Gauge' Plugin

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