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03.Mai 2001

Aminet-Uploads bis 03.05.2001
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   96K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.6.1
LauncherUpd.lha      biz/titan   34K+ShogoLauncher Update (Demo and Retail)
ShogoDemoUpd.lha     biz/titan  394K+Shogo Demo Multiplayer fix
ReKeyIt_GR.lha       comm/mail    4K+Greek locale for ReKeyIt
YAT.lha              comm/mail  519K+Yet Another heap of Taglines for YAM
tv-prog.lha          comm/misc  420K+(PL/CZ) TV programe on computer! [v1.00b
AmiMUD.lha           comm/net   211K+Version 3.5 of THE Amiga MUD Client.
ftpmount.lha         comm/tcp   134K+Handler to use FTP as real directory
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   421K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
http_post.lha        comm/www    45K+Send POST query to HTTP server
MassDL.lha           comm/www    41K+Less work leching on Web pages. (AWeb)
APX-Melba.lha        demo/aga   134K+Melba by Appendix, released at Melba/Sym
PSL-KMJintro.lha     demo/aga   657K+Kiss My Jazz intro by Pic Saint Loup
DKG-ST16.lha         demo/mag   2.7M+The Long-Awaited SHOWTIME #16 By Darkage
Z80SimulatorDo.lha   dev/cross   94K+Documentation for Z80Simulator.
MuForce.lha          dev/debug  270K+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAngl.lha   dev/debug  292K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
MuLink.lha           dev/misc   120K+Memory protect selected hunks of binarie
MuScan.lha           dev/misc   118K+Print the MMU tree layout.
systemviewer.lha     dev/moni   302K+View & change OS components (source incl
acdb_pch.lha         disk/cdrom  18K+Patch to make ACDB (CDDB client) work
LowDiskSpace.lha     disk/moni   16K+Small commodity to watch for low disk sp
2PatchList.lha       docs/help    3K+List with patches and information.
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 823K+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 04/2001 (Itali
AaktInt0401.lha      docs/mags  256K+International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0401GFX.lha   docs/mags  323K+International infotainment magazine (gra
AIOV46.lha           docs/mags  1.1M+Amiga Information Online, Issue 46 (Apri
MuManual.lha         docs/misc  787K+Tutorial, examples, includes, (auto)docs
LegoBlast.lha        game/2play 1.0M+Dynablaster-Like game
Risiko.lha           game/board 443K+"Risk" Fullversion German/English
F1GP_2001.lha        game/data    9K+2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (29 Apri
WHD_JetSetWly2.lha   game/patch  19K+HD Installer for Jet Set Willy II
WHD_ScoobyDoo.lha    game/patch  17K+HD Installer for Scooby & Scrappy Doo
WHD_TowerBabel.lha   game/patch  19K+HD Installer for Tower of Babel
WHD_Zeewolf.lha      game/patch  25K+HD Installer for Zeewolf
WHD_ZeewolfII.lha    game/patch  24K+HD Installer for Zeewolf II
drangband.lha        game/role  853K+DrAngband 2.9.8 - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha          game/role  956K+Gumband 2.1.5a - Roguelike solo RPG
pmangband.lha        game/role  405K+Pern mangband 3.1.3
Piggy.lha            game/wb      7K+One player dice game written in Arexx.
ps2m.lha             hard/hack   45K+Ultimate Amiga PS/2 WheelMouseController
SMIF.lha             hard/hack  140K+Cheap SmartMedia interface + sourcecode
MuEVD.lha            misc/emu   127K+MuLib driven ShSh driver for ECS,AGA,P96
antique_dream.lha    mods/med   342K+By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
plastikk_tripp.lha   mods/med    65K+By ESSENTiAL SOUND (ex.ESTROGEN)
Boulderdash.mpg      mods/mpg   918K+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
BubbleBobble.mpg     mods/mpg   2.2M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
CrazyComets.mpg      mods/mpg   3.2M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
Fairlight.mpg        mods/mpg   1.9M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
GhostsGoblins.mpg    mods/mpg   4.3M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
GreenBeret.mpg       mods/mpg   2.7M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
himnoalpcero.mpg     mods/mpg   492K+A mod maked in bcnparty 2k
IK99.mpg             mods/mpg    13M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
InternationalK.mpg   mods/mpg   3.8M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
SanxionLoading.mpg   mods/mpg   6.5M+C64 improved version of a classic 64 the
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit    92K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
NallePUH.lha         mus/misc   187K+Redirects any (hw-banging) sound program
SerialRipper_s.lzh   mus/misc   813K+SR - Multi Module Ripper - Sourcecode
lch-JapIcons5.lha    pix/gicon   99K+Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 5
jd_Boulevard1.jpg    pix/views  310K+Boulevard in Torun, POLAND (1024x768)
jd_Boulevard2.jpg    pix/views  192K+Boulevard in Torun, POLAND (1024x768)
jd_Ciasna.jpg        pix/views  163K+Ciasna Str in Torun, POLAND (800x600)
jd_Podmurna.jpg      pix/views  196K+Podmurna str in Torun, POLAND (1024x768)
rexx-mode1_1.lha     text/edit   55K+Mojor mode for emacs19/20
MuFastChip.lha       util/boot  116K+Chip memory cache mode fine tuning tool
MuFastRom.lha        util/boot  116K+MuLib conformal ROM to RAM remapper
MuFastZero.lha       util/boot  132K+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
MuLockLib.lha        util/boot  110K+Lock the mmu.library in memory on startu
MuOmniSCSIPatc.lha   util/boot  115K+Make the omniscsi.device MMULib aware
MuProtectModul.lha   util/boot  115K+MuLib ROM Modules Write Protection
MuSetCacheMode.lha   util/boot  119K+MMU tree adjustment tool for experts
ReadDevice.lha       util/cli     2K+Reads data from any device, e0r's util
adTOag.lha           util/conv   18K+AdTOag - Autodocs TO Amigaguide. V1.4
DiaryConv.lha        util/conv   10K+Converts files between Digita's Organise
cvs-1.11.1p1.lha     util/gnu   1.6M+CVS 1.11.1p1 - Concurrent Versions Syste
MMULib.lha           util/libs  527K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha            util/libs   55K+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  381K+Report+ 4.51: Multipurpose utility
Sysmon116.lha        util/moni  139K+System monitor and enhancer based on a s
BRLE.lha             util/pack    1K+XFD external decruncher, e0r's util
xPackBest.lha        util/pack   18K+Pack using XPK, adaptive, recursive
Pan0_9.lha           util/rexx  1.7M+Pans image, producing video frames
RexxPatchErrGR.lha   util/rexx    5K+Greek locale for RexxPatchError
Mu680x0Libs.lha      util/sys   327K+MuLib aware 68060, 68040, 68030 and 6803
NewDate2.lha         util/sys    55K+Replacement system date command
Safe.lha             util/virus  28K+V15.4 of virus dicovering system
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 261K+VirusExecutor v2.17
Commander.lha        util/wb     30K+Execute commands with pleasure V1.0
Commander_dt.lha     util/wb      1K+V1.0, German catalog for Commander v1.0
YerFawt2.lha         util/wb      3K+Yer Fawt Version 2! fault strings for "y

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