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18.Mai 2001
Halvadjian Georges (ANF)

PerfectPaint V2.6
PerfectPaint, das Mal- und Bildbearbeitungsprogramm ist in Version 2.6 erschienen und steht unter dem Titellink zum Download bereit. Lesen Sie im Anschluss, was sich geändert hat:

  • New Tooltype: NO_STARTUP_WINDOW
  • Improve Bridge tool
    you can communicate easily with all programs having an arexx port. Each program is decribe by an ASCII file (in PerfectPaint:rexx/Bridge/Host). The available hosts are:
    ADPro,ArtEffect,FinalWriter,FxPaint,Image Engineer,ImageFx,MovieShop,PageStream,Photogenics and TVPaint.
    You can exchange pictures, brushes, palettes and animations.
  • Sometimes PfPaint crash on exit when you manipulate a lot of buffers, it's fixed.
  • pp_Setbuffer, PP_findemptybuffer and pp_FindEmptyBrush works well now.
  • Improve pp_SetBrush and pp_SetBuffer
  • Add an Arexx shell.(right mouse button on arexx button)
  • PfPaint can now load and save AnimTransfer for Aweb, Ibrowse and Voyager.
  • Little bug corrected with the compose requester
  • Fix a nasty bug when you save a 24 animation with more than 100 frame.
  • Improve Animation:
    Add a new subitem 'Effects' with:
    • Clone Anim
    • Join Anim
    • Inverse Anim
    • Make Ping-Pong
    • Fade to
    • A new version of Slim Anim
    • Movie Factory: Lets you make transitions between two frames in the current animation. Available Operators are:Displace,Fade,Mosaic,Perspective,Spray, Tunnel, Twirl and Wave.
    • Dissolve: Same function than Movie factory, but transitions are made with a mask. 16 Operators are available.
    • Motion blur
    • Ghost frame
    • Shaker
  • Fix a bug with the tool 'Box' when it was used on very big picture.
  • Fix a bug with the floodfill algo.
  • Fix a bug while creating animation
  • New Arexx commands:
    • PP_StencilOn, pp_StenciOff, pp_Mosaic
    • PP_SavePPM, pp_Liquid, pp_InvStencil
    • PP_SSave ; Save Stencil
    • PP_SLoad ; Load Stencil
    • PP_Dissolve, pp_BufferGui, pp_SetPath, pp_GetPath
  • Improve Antialiasing line
  • New scripts: 3dGrid (box tool), Clock (circle tool)
  • Improve Palette requester with Load and Save Gradient
  • Right mouse button on the line button and you can change the pattern of your line.
  • several small improvements

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