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Aminet-Uploads bis 07.06.2001
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase  106K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.7
Spitfire2.lha        comm/misc  818K+Palm Desktop for the Amiga!
ZyxelControl.lha     comm/misc  241K+Bandwith Control Program for Zyxel TA
AmiComSys.lha        comm/net   354K+V1.34 Personal Communicator like ICQ (MU
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    25K+Online Dictionary
MKDSlach3IFF.lha     demo/aga   617K+AGA/CGX/P96 68k SLACH PARTY3 Invitby mkd
MKDSlach3PNG.lha     demo/aga   403K+AGA/CGX/P96 68k SLACH PARTY3 Invitby mkd
SCENEry.lha          demo/mag   1.3M+Scenery - AmigaScene`s Book Of History
Distance2.lzh        dev/amos     4K+Computes distances between 2 points on e
ixenv.lha            dev/gg      28K+Ixemul environment needed for most ixemu
catcheck.lha         dev/misc     7K+Amiga catalog tester, v1.3
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   170K+V2.130 create pragma, inline, ... files
HunkFunc.lha         dev/moni    15K+V1.13 display executable file structure
IdentCDR_Brain.lha   disk/cdrom   2K+New brainfile for IdentCDR
PFS3ud.lha           disk/salv  123K+PFS3 undelete 
ClassAct4.1PL.lha    docs/help   11K+Polish Locale for ClassAction4.1
Dir2HTML1.1PL.lha    docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for Dir2HTML1.1
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 867K+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 05/2001 (Itali
Aakt0601GFX.lha      docs/mags  365K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0601GUIDE.lha    docs/mags   63K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0601HTML.lha     docs/mags  192K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AaktInt0501.lha      docs/mags  223K+International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0501GFX.lha   docs/mags  465K+International infotainment magazine (gra
mc701.lha            docs/mags  219K+German Metal Mag in HTML - July 2001 Iss
Musikansich01.lha    docs/mags  1.0M+German Music Magazine in HTML (06/01)
starmag23_ag.lha     docs/mags  100K+German Amiga-Online-Magazine AmigaGuide-
starmag24_ag.lha     docs/mags   77K+German Amiga-Online-Magazine AmigaGuide-
starmag25_ag.lha     docs/mags  175K+German Amiga-Online-Magazine AmigaGuide-
Scenet36.lha         docs/misc  187K+SCENET - not just the Scene gateway! - #
Mattonite_Src.lha    game/demo  327K+Source codes of Mattonite and MattoniteE
FlashNG.lha          game/misc  117K+Small GPL Arkanoid clone with RTG suppor
Pishti.lha           game/wb    112K+Popular Turkish card game. (v1.1)
JP-Guide.lha         gfx/conv   125K+Jpeg Converter, supports datatypes!
PC-Key.lha           hard/drivr   3K+Type PC chars with Sidecar/Bridgeboard
TimeServY2K.lha      hard/drivr   7K+Year 2000 patch of TimeServ for Sidecar
ps2m.lha             hard/hack   53K+Ultimate Amiga PS/2 WheelMouseController
ICS.lha              hard/misc  2.5M+V2.02 LE ICS - professional color correc
mamevg000.lha        misc/emu   5.3M+MAME Visual Guide part 000 - PDF Index o
mamevg001.lha        misc/emu   5.2M+MAME Visual Guide part 001 - PDF Index o
mamevg002.lha        misc/emu   3.8M+MAME Visual Guide part 002 - PDF Index o
mamevg003.lha        misc/emu   5.0M+MAME Visual Guide part 003 - PDF Index o
mamevg004.lha        misc/emu   5.3M+MAME Visual Guide part 004 - PDF Index o
mamevg005.lha        misc/emu   5.6M+MAME Visual Guide part 005 - PDF Index o
mamevg006.lha        misc/emu   5.2M+MAME Visual Guide part 006 - PDF Index o
mamevg007.lha        misc/emu   5.0M+MAME Visual Guide part 007 - PDF Index o
mamevg008.lha        misc/emu   5.5M+MAME Visual Guide part 008 - PDF Index o
mamevg009.lha        misc/emu   5.1M+MAME Visual Guide part 009 - PDF Index o
mamevg010.lha        misc/emu   5.0M+MAME Visual Guide part 010 - PDF Index o
mamevg011.lha        misc/emu   5.0M+MAME Visual Guide part 011 - PDF Index o
mamevg012.lha        misc/emu   5.1M+MAME Visual Guide part 012 - PDF Index o
mamevg013.lha        misc/emu   4.6M+MAME Visual Guide part 013 - PDF Index o
mamevg014.lha        misc/emu   4.8M+MAME Visual Guide part 014 - PDF Index o
mamevg015.lha        misc/emu   4.9M+MAME Visual Guide part 015 - PDF Index o
mamevg016.lha        misc/emu   3.5M+MAME Visual Guide part 016 - PDF Index o
mamevg_c.lha         misc/emu   547K+MAME Visual Guide Cover - PDF Index of a
imdbDiff010525.lha   misc/imdb  1.8M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
Thetrytoget.lha      mods/blkha 601K+Mekka contribution DBM by blakkhar
titan.lha            mods/demo   38K+Module From NorthStar&Fairlight Demo
ESCOMJingle.lha      mods/smpl  511K+Jingle from the ESCOM promo demo
vdo_c001.lha         mods/vdo   174K+Falling -classic release- [xm 14ch]
vdo_humm.lha         mods/vdo   328K+Hummingbird [xm 12ch]
Normalize.lha        mus/misc    82K+Adjust volume of WAV files, v0.5.2
mhimdev.lha          mus/play    16K+MHI driver for mpeg.device
mp3Play.lha          mus/play    38K+Very small GUI for MPEGA
XAmp-skin.lha        mus/play    28K+An Aqua (MacOS X)-like skin for PlayGUI
g-icons.lha          pix/gicon  109K+Icon collection in Glow Icons style 
lch-JapIcons6.lha    pix/gicon   37K+Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 6
AP14Recto.jpg        pix/misc   185K+AMiGa=PoWeR N 12 Cover Recto
AP14Verso.jpg        pix/misc   238K+AMiGa=PoWeR N 13 Cover Verso
APowerStuff_5.lha    pix/misc   546K+Pics from aMiGa=PoWeR magazine
APowerStuff_6.lha    pix/misc   508K+Pics from aMiGa=PoWeR magazine
death.lha            pix/misc   236K+[ancor]a pic painted with pencil
sg-strip_11.lha      pix/misc    44K+[ancor]strip 11 of StarGround
sg-strip_12.lha      pix/misc    56K+[ancor]strip 12 of StarGround
sketch.lha           pix/misc   195K+[ancor]a sketch of a head
the_end.lha          pix/misc   218K+[ancor]a thought about the life
GamesIcons1.lha      pix/nicon  443K+OS 3.5 color icons for games
GamesIcons2.lha      pix/nicon  419K+OS 3.5 color icons for games
GamesIcons3.lha      pix/nicon  428K+OS 3.5 color icons for games
GamesIcons4.lha      pix/nicon  382K+OS 3.5 color icons for games
AW-Filter11.lha      text/dtp    55K+AmigaWriter filter for PageStream v1.1
htmldoc-mos.lha      text/misc  604K+Convert HTML info PDF,PostScript and HTM
htmldoc.lha          text/misc  537K+Convert HTML info PDF,PostScript and HTM
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   24K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
PrlMixer.lha         util/cdity  20K+GadTools audio mixer for Prelude
dir2html_trans.lha   util/dir    13K+Translations for Dir2HTML
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  381K+Report+ 4.64: Multipurpose utility
ToccataSnoopy.lha    util/moni    2K+Snoopy Scripts for monitoring
WheelBusMouse.lha    util/mouse  12K+Bus Mouse wheel support
Scion2html.lha       util/rexx   33K+WWW browser HTML's from Scion Genealogy 
WBCycle.lha          util/wb     21K+Cycles a single WB colour to pretty up W

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