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Matay News
Warp3D Treiber für Voodoo3
Matay informiert, dass die versprochenen Warp3D Treiber für Voodoo3 Grafikkarten auf dem PCI-Board Prometheus in Arbeit sind, und hat einige Bildschirmfotos online gestellt.

PPC für Prometheus
Da viele Leute nach CPU-Karten für das PCI-Board Prometheus fragen, gibt Matay folgende Erklärungen ab:
  1. Matay is not going to produce the PPC card by itself. We will choose among the CPU solutions available at the market (not necessarily "Amiga native" only). It would take too much time and concern to produce such a card, time we can spend providing you with other Amiga-specifict products. Why to invent wheel again?
  2. The only problem to solve is software support to make the hardware cooperate with our PCI bridge. However, with the help of AmigaOS4 developers from Amiga Inc. it is not a problem at all. We will cooperate with them to make Prometheus+CPU card combo 100% compatible with the upcoming AmigaOS.
  3. We are not limiting our support to one CPU card only. You should view a CPU card expansion the same as - for example - a graphics card expansion. More than one solution is possible.
  4. The details will be announced after we finish talks with the CPU cards manufacturers. As we always state - no promises, only facts, so please be patient. In meanwhile, you can use Prometheus boards with the existing Amiga CPU cards. The software, i.e. AmigaOS4, will arrive later this year, so will our hardware to run it on.
Aufgrund von Ferienzeit werden die Tel. +48 609394778 und die E-Mail-Adresse vom 22.6.-9.7.2001 und vom 21.7.-6.9.2001 nicht erreichbar sein. Kontaktieren Sie Matay in diesen Zeiträumen stattdessen unter +48 603785100 und (ps)

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