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Czech Amiga News

Warp Emulation Suite: WES Version 1.0
Hitman/Code HQ is pleased to announce the release of WES v1.0. WES (Warp Emulation Suite) consists of a master controlling program, WarpKickstart, and a suite of emulation engines, which allow you to emulate a large number of machines. As time goes by, more and more engines will be added to the suite. It currently supports six, most of which are currently related to MAME, as follows:

WarpMAME - Based on v0.37 Beta 16 of the PC sources
WarpMAME Classic - Based on v0.37 Beta 5 of the PC sources
WarpNeoMAME - Based on v0.37 Beta 16 of the PC sources
WarpNeoMAMEClassic - Based on v0.37 Beta 5 of the PC sources

The reason for there being two versions of MAME in the Suite (WarpMAME and WarpMAME Classic) is that MAME is getting bigger and slower all the time, and is moving to a 16 bit only screen mode system. This will make it too slow for our old Amigas. So WarpMAME Classic was born. Play your old favourite games using WarpMAME classic and the latest MAME games using WarpMAME - probably quite slowly until the AmigaOne comes along! :-)
WarpNeoPocott is an early and quick port of a Neo Geo Pocket emulator. (ps)

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