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ProStationAudio's (realtime nl-editing for AmigaOS) new architecture for 2002
The ProStationAudio architecture has been enhanced to make this non-linear editing software solution for AmigaOS even more powerful. And faster. The new version based on this design, ProStationAudio Titanium, is ready and will be on sale in a few days.

While Amigas are wonderful systems, their main problem is lack of raw hardware horse-power: Titanium addresses this problem at design level, using optimizations independent on the host CPU, so that 68K (060 recommended), PPC, and emulated 68K hardware benefit.

Major new features include:

Signal path layout: stereo sends/returns
  • multiple sends per track, stereo.
  • multiple aux busses, stereo.
  • multiple DSP inserts for each return bus, stereo.
  • returns can be muted and/or soloed.
  • plugin sharing among multiple tracks reduces CPU load, with peak acceleration up to 1500% (when using 15 sends to the same aux bus).
Mixig console layout: 6 master inserts, stereo.
  • master DSP inserts have been extended to 6, for increased flexibility.
  • using track inserts, multiple sends/returns, and master inserts, now each track's signal can pass through up to 18 DSP processors.
Faast dsp, the new quick-preview mode
  • sustained 200% acceleration on mixing and effects processing, using bitrate reduction
  • modifies the bitrate of multiple streams in realtime during disk-streaming, no need to save audio files at lower bitrates for fast previewing..
  • fully transparent, original bitrate restored just before the signals reach the audio output hardware, providing full compatibility with fixed-rate devices such as external D/A converters over S/P-DIF.
  • quality drop is acceptable for most material.
  • any previously saved project benefits, no updates needed
  • automatically disabled when mastering and/or bouncing tracks, to preserve always perfect quality on the final work.
  • can be toggled on/off in realtime for comparisons
  • the channel bars layout has been optimized to display more tracks at once on screen.
  • the screen is public and palette-sharing friendly: use tools like calculators, notepads, or web browsers to view tutorials, directly on the ProStationAudio screen.
Titanium preserves the tons of features present in current versions: support for dual graphic cards, dual monitors, two CPU's, realtime operations, mixing automation, 30 DSP plugins, 24bit and MP3 import, read/write access to Amiga, Windows, Mac and Unix files, more...

Informations on pricing and upgrade options for current users will follow this week. As usual part of the service, buyers of the previous top version, Millennium, will upgrade free of charge.

All the best,

dr. Maurizio Ciccione
AudioLabs, Digital Audio Engineering

[Meldung: 31. Okt. 2001, 14:15] [Kommentare: 7 - 02. Nov. 2001, 23:50]
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