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Marcel Rohles (ANF)

Downloadmanager: Charon V1.98
Von dem Downlaod-Manager "Charon" steht unter dem Titellink Version 1.98 zum Download bereit. Lesen Sie im Anschluss die Original-Meldung mit allen Änderungen:

Well, believe it or not, it's been released. Available from my homepage or from Aminet in a couple of days.

Version 1.98 (6.1.2002)
  • Introduced the concept of groups. Now each URL can belong to a group and will take that group's settings as its default settings. A new URL is by default placed in the group in which the active entry indicator is currently found.
  • Completely rewritten URL parsing routine which resulted in a large speed up. This speed up would be even larger, but the URL comparison routine was changed from simple string compare to full-blown URL comparison routine which works properly.
  • Rewritten detection of duplicates in the list. The code is now much faster and works for any number of duplicates, unlike in the last version.
  • Charon now remembers the length of the file on server and shows it all the time (if it is available).
  • Many improvements and some fixes in the HTML parsing routine.
  • Addressed some security issues.
  • There's now a special treatment for %2F URL escape code (/) because there are some filesystems that allow / in a filename.
  • Added support for ftp://.../file;type=x URLs.
  • When automatically creating filenames from the URL, %xx sequences are now decoded.
  • There's a new section in the documentation describing some "hidden" features. Charon's tooltypes/arguments (LOG and SETTINGS) are documented there.
  • It is now possible to log all HTTP headers that were sent or received through Charon for debugging purposes. More about this in the advanced section of the manual.
  • There's a new configuration option which tells Charon not to read the size of the files on the disk during the startup thus speeding it up. More about this in the advanced section of the manual.
  • DOS requesters are now blocked while the list of entries is being loaded in order to prevent a bunch of the "Please insert ..." requesters from a appearing if one of your drives is dismounted.
  • New gadget "Move & start" in HTML links and Internet search windows.
  • Changed the way Charon shortens the filenames when "Max filename length" option comes into action.
  • Changed the way the "Directory structure" option works. It now also takes into consideration the name of the host.
  • When a file is downloaded and Charon needs to check if there are any queued files to be started, they are first searched for in the same group in which the downloaded file was.
  • Some changes in ARexx interface as a result of introduction of groups.
  • Updated some and removed some searches from Internet search window. Ideas for possible additions are welcome.
  • Fixed a bug in parsing dates in HTTP headers.
  • Fixed a rare bug in display of percentage of the downloaded file.
  • Too long FTP paths would cause a crash while sending a request. Fixed.
  • Fixed a small memory leak during that occured only when Charon was started from the shell.
  • Charon would report that it couldn't resume a transfer when a file had already been downloaded fully.
  • SET Arexx command wasn't working properly for ages, fixed.

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