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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

VHT-DK New update of VirusZ III (v0.99)
Georg Hoermann has made an update of VirusZ III, and the bugfixed update is now available for download at our homepage. Here is some info about the update:

Name: VirusZ III v0.99
Archive name : VirusZ.lha
Archive size : 57.211
Date : 1 April 2002
Programmer : Georg Hoermann
Requires: AmigaOS 2.04 or better
util/arc/xadmaster.lha (recommended)
util/libs/DisLib.lha (optional)

News in VirusZ III v0.99:

  • Improved window calculation code to avoid rendering bugs when you have installed sysihack-like programs. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the bug report and screenshot.
  • Splitted the single 'About' request in a 'Technical Info' request and a new 'About' request and added some more information to them.
  • Fixed bug: 72 bytes of memory disappeared during every program startup, this seems to be a problem with special CreateNewProc() tags. After two nights of debugging I still couldn't locate the bug exactly, so I did some workaround instead, now there are at least no more memory losses.
  • Added the first vector snapshots sent by David Oakes, Ian Chapman, Fulvio Peruggi and Harry Sintonen. Thanks guys!
  • Fixed minor rendering problem with VirusZ's main window. This one only appeared if you have modified the top_border size with tools like MCP. Thanks to Luca Longone for the report/screenshot and sorry for my angry email :-)
  • Added full support for NSD-64-bit devices. Now the bootblocks of partitions located higher than the old 4GB-border will finally be accessed correctly.
  • Improved disassembler output in the bootblock lab. The first three longwords now always get displayed as 'dc.l' lines and disassembly starts at offset $000c, the real entry point of a bootblock. This avoids strange interpretations of the bootblock's checksum and the two other fields.
  • Added some more vector snapshots sent by Dariusz Krzempek. Thanks!
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