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Bill Buck (E-Mail)

Thendic France: A statement about the future (Update)
Auf der Website von Thendic-France (Bill Buck und Raquel Valesco) wurde ein sehr interessantes Statement zu deren Zukunft veröffentlicht. In diesem Statement wird zunächst darauf eingegangen, worin die Haupt-Business-Richtungen des Unternehmens liegen: Vertrieb von ComCam, Pegasos und Cashboy.

Desweiteren finden Sie noch folgenden Link auf der Hauptseite: Commercial airline video security solution.

Für die Amiga-Gemeinde ist natürlich der Teil zum Pegasos-Board von besonderem Interesse. Aus dem Statement geht hervor, dass Thendic-France mit bPlan zusammenarbeitet, und den Vertrieb des Pegasos-Boards übernimmt. Das Pegasos-Board wird ab 01. Juni verfügbar sein. Es wird bereits an Software und einer neuen Version gearbeitet (miniaturized version, the eclipsis version).

Im weiteren Verlauf des Statements wird erklärt, warum Thendic-France die derzeitige Handlungsweise von Amiga Inc. frustriert, und warum Thendic-France dazu öffentlich Stellung nimmt.

Hier ein Ausschnitt:
»What Amiga Inc. does not apparently understand and in our frustration we have decided to make public, is that when we sell a Pegasos there is absolutely nothing that prevents a buyer for loading anything they want on to the machine. This is our last attempt to communicate our frustration. We have decided to do this publicly, as Bill McEwen has done by excluding us from his 12 April letter. MorphOS will still be free for the Pegasos. When everything is finished and MorphOS can stand on its own completely and distinctly we will have the eclipsis ready for our first round of promotion.

We stopped bplan from releasing the Pegasos sooner. We encouraged them to fine tune the board before and not after release. They could have shipped samples sooner. We have had ours for months. By 1 June this board will be rock-steady.

The Pegasos is a great product. We have already developed some incredible software for it. But, the future as we see it is the miniaturized version, the eclipsis. This will be something very special. The Pegasos will serve as our development machine and we will be offering special packages to developers that sign on and get to work helping us create a market leading solution for the future of mobile entertainment and communications.


Bill McEwen was able to do something very noteworthy when he bought Amiga from Gateway. We admire him very much for this accomplishment. We have been in discussions with Bill over the years on many occasions since the demise of VisCorp. We offered a license to Gateway and specifically to Bill when he was there for the VisCorp patents. You will find that these patents/abandoned are dormant now, but you will find that Raquel Velasco is the owner of record of all seven. In September of 2000, King Lee, a former VisCorp board member and the Chairman of Amiga Inc. at the time, ask us to talk to Bill and try to assist him. We did. We told him to go after the "classic" OS. We told him to finish the upgrade to the PPC. In the meanwhile, we licensed AmigaDE and we made the "SmartBoy." When the prototype was built, AmigaDE was not ready. Finally, we abandoned the effort because in a world with the likes of Compaq, etc., a Windows CE device running AmigaDE is a bit like pouring alot of water in a good glass of wine. It just did not make good business sense and we could not achieve competitive pricing (even for the embedded market).

So here we are today with a working machine, but we want something that works with our hardware in a way that is necessary for our purposes. We still remain open to other possibilities. Software is made for hardware, not vis-a-versa.

We cannot overlook the fact that hardware nearly seven years old and developed by the same engineers as the Pegasos is being used today to complete other developments. We cannot wait for these efforts. We are in business and when the hardware is ready it will go on sale. The Pegasos and the eclipsis are the biggest chance for this market and will provide plenty of opportunity to grow into new markets..

We will sell the Pegasos. It is a cannon! Buyers will buy and load the ammunition...

We will still be here in business.

We would like very much to cooperate with Amiga Inc.«

Die komplette Pressemeldung finden Sie hier.

Nachtrag 17.04.2002:
Das Statement wurde inzwischen von der Website entfernt. Die Informationen zu Eclipsis und Pegasos blieben erhalten, und sind unter den angegebenen Links zu finden. (ps)

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