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Peter Huyoff (E-Mail)

Die Entwicklung von AROS schreitet stetig voran. Es gibt wieder einige Neuigkeiten zu vermelden:

Thanks to Fabio Alemagna, the shell window which gets opened when you use "Execute Command" now stays open until you close it so you can actually use it.

Staf Verhaegen worked some more on RexxSysLib.library.

Georg Steger implemented PGA_NotifyBehaviour and PGA_RenderBehaviour in gadget.class. The behaviour of the propg.class can now be configured with this to behave like on the Amiga or in a "nice" way. The default (if you don't specify anything) is "nice". The GUI of Font prefs was improved. Many bugs in diskfont.library were fixed. There will soon be a program to convert TrueType fonts into Amiga/AROS bitmap fonts to use them with diskfont.library without having to convert them (ie. you can open these fonts in all sizes without having .font files for them on disk). A bug in ReadArgs() (the flags /K/A didn't work correctly) was fixed, too.

Matt Parsons updated the AROS User Guide. Some debug statements in the screen blanker were removed. Our LoadWB has now an About menu item which prominently shows the names of the AROS developers. Credit where credit is due :-)

Henning Kiel, Fabio Alemagna and Georg Steger ... helped ... Matt with LoadWB ;-) (Note: That's an internal joke and only for the records... ahem).

Did you notice? No Zune in the last post. Of course, Sebastian Bauer wasn't idling around. He just didn't commit :-)

Sebastian Heutling added a program to install GRUB with RDB support. (ps)

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