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11.Mai 2002
Mikey C (ANF)

Total Amiga Magazine - World Exclusive
Mikey Carillo writes:
"Humph! humph! Humphhhh! hurrghhh! Humph! hurgh!!!!"

That's Alan Redhouse of Eyetech, the man behind the AmigaOne. Alan writes for Total Amiga Magazine and in the May issue he reveals exclusive new information on the AmigaOne not seen anywhere else before!

Sadly for Alan, he will have to stay gagged until every copy of Total Amiga Magazine is sold before we let him go.

"Humph, hurrgh!"

Stop the cruelty, free Alan Redhouse, buy a copy of Total Amiga Magazine now.

Total Amiga Magazine is out May 17th and can be purchased from Eyetech and Computer City. Alternatively you can subscribe via Fore-matt home computing and Kicksoft, or from our website

Total Amiga Magazine, it is, are you? (ps)

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