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Tao Group

Tao Group: Kyocera and Tao Set New Standards for PDAs
Release of best-in-class `Pocket Cosmo'
E3, Los Angeles, Ca., May 22nd 2002 - Kyocera Corporation has announced 'Pocket Cosmo', its next generation PDA based on Tao's intent® universal multimedia platform. This will be sold from the end of July, initially targeted at the networks and at corporate users. The Pocket Cosmo device will be able to deliver a new level of richer contents to the user. Kyocera believes that it is these richer contents that will drive the rapid growth of the mobile data communication market.

Kyocera has used Tao Group's intent embedded application environment including its native operating system. Together they enable a very small memory footprint and hitherto unmatched performance levels. Due to the performance of intent, the new PDA runs Java(TM) programs many times faster than any other client device and it has levels of multimedia functionality never before seen on mobile handsets enabling the kind of content upon which consumers will place a very high premium.

The Pocket Cosmo Fast Java environment enhances the usability of the PDA. Its first iteration supports Tao's intent PersonalJava(TM) edition which is Sun Microsystems-branded and compatible with PersonalJava 1.2. intent is the first practical Java execution environment for these kinds of devices.

The user interface of the Pocket Cosmo is entirely original with rich menus supporting 3D movement and smooth scrolling and with instantaneous switching of applications.

Hirao Nishiguchi, President of Kyocera said, "We are aiming to deliver new services, ones which customers can easily utilize and derive real value. Combining the technologies at Kyocera with the Tao expertise has allowed us to develop this extremely exciting Pocket Cosmo PDA."

Francis Charig, Executive Chairman of Tao Group said at the E3 show in Los Angeles, "The work undertaken by Kyocera to develop a truly intuitive interface has been inspirational. Kyocera is sending out a signal to manufacturers and carriers that by using intent as the language independent, universal multimedia platform they can create their own brand recognition in a way that would be impossible with any other software technology. Kyocera has developed a product that proves that there is software technology existing already today that enables the running of content in an easy-to-use manner that really does meet the expectations of the consumer. Pocket Cosmo is a ground breaking product and Kyocera has set a new benchmark in the market place."

Kyocera was one of the founder members of the Open Contents Platform Association [OCPA] in October 2001 and its President, Yasuo Nishiguchi, is the OCPA's Chairman. The OCPA's objective is to deliver rich media contents across a common platform and it has adopted Tao's intent as the core software for the standardization. The launch of the OCPA was only 8 months ago, and this is the first Kyocera product to utilize intent.
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