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27.Mai 2002
Thomas Igracki (ANF)

Tool: FSwatcher v1.5
Es gibt ein Update zu FSwatcher, es wurde ein Bug beseitigt, falls der Stack zu gering war, außerdem gibts nun eine AutoSize Option, alles weitere kann man hier nachlesen:

History v1.5 (26.05.02):
CHG: If you set 'Com=Command' to "" (empty string),
then no action button (named "!") will be created.
[suggested by Todd A. Oberly]

CHG: The value after "time: " now shows the time
     since starting the download! Previously the
     time when the file was last modified has been

FIX: The "time: " value now also takes care of the
     days part of the time, f.e. if a download
     started before 00:00 o'clock, the time
     was negative.

NEW: Added the magic-stackcookie, to ensure that
     it get at least 16K of Stacksize! Shell
     v45.6+ is needed for this!

NEW: There a now 2 executables in the archive,
     one has a "_NoGuru" appended. This is like
     the previous, it shouldn't cause a guru
     if an error occured.
     The other (w/o the suffix) has some checks
     disabled, which reduces the filesize about
     3000 Bytes and may cause gurus if an error
     occured! The version string tells you which
     version you have.

CHG: Removed shell arg SM=SizeMode, replaced by

NEW: New shell arg AS=AutoSize/T
     If used (AutoSize = YES), the current size,
     the filesize and the bps are shown in B
     (=Bytes), if the size is < 1024 Bytes,
     in KB, if the size is >= 1024 Bytes and in
     MB, if the size is >= 1048576 Bytes!
CHG: Changed the gauge infotext a little bit.
CHG: Remove the alias EXIT for AUTOEXIT, it was
     only introduced to use with AmiSat, till
     AmiSat required FSwatcher v1.3+.
PS: Ein Update von AmiSat, die die seit Version 1.3 veränderte Option AUTOEXIT=YES unterstützt, gibt es seit dem 20.05.02, auf den Seiten von jah! Nur, falls es noch niemand entdeckt hat. (ps)

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