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Amiga University site updates and additions
Kevin Orme wrote:
We've got some cool new stuff online for you:

Site Mirrors:
  • Amiga Source is now mirrored on our site, thanks Scott!
  • We still maintain site mirrors of the excellent Blitz Basic, Samplitude Opus (with software downloads) and Amiga Interactive Guide sites, too.

Site Archives:
We have added two GREAT Amiga site archives from the somewhat recent past:
  • National Amiga tech pages: these are full of great tech information, including pinouts, motherboard configs and lots of accelerator information - These were originally done by Greg Scott and used to be on National Amiga's website - thanks to Larry S. and Joe at Archtech in London, Ontario!
  • Spock's Logical Amiga Pages: As many of you may remember, this was a great site that has been offline for some time, unfortunately due to its author, Eric Robertson, passing on last fall. Thanks to Donald Sowell for providing this data as hopefully a little memorial to Eric's fondness for the Amiga and his excellent site.
  • Amiga Realm archive mirrors (12 of them) - Thanks to Paul Andrews for providing data to mirror their site archives!

Additional stuff:
  • 303 Tracker - this is a cool Roland TB303 emulator you can run on your Amiga - software downloads included - thanks to Jeroen Schellekens for his site archive and software
Events page:
  • We have added an easy to find Events page for upcoming Amiga events & shows, and we pledge to keep it current! :) If you have an event or show coming up anywhere in the world, let us know so we can post it immediately.
  • Thanks, keep on coming back and if you have additional Amiga sites for us to help you mirror or archive (to preserve them), just let us know when/how.

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