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Mariusz Wloczysiak (E-Mail)

Elbox: Mediator Expansion Continues: Mediator PCI 4000Di
Elbox writes:
Elbox Computer, the real & creative manufacturer of hardware for Amiga computers, the pathfinder for the PCI standard in Amiga computers, is proud to announce expansion of the MEDIATOR busboard product line with the new Mediator model for Amiga 4000D computers: the Mediator PCI 4000Di.

With this product, every Amiga 4000D user gains the chance to use up to 4 PCI cards in the standard A4000 desktop case, thus significantly improving his/her computer's performance.

  • 4 PCI slots (PCI 2.1 compatible) and 3 Zorro III/II slots
  • 66/33 MHz PCI clock (transfer rate up to 264 MB/s)
  • 32-bit PCI datapatch
  • 4GB PCI memory space
  • Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots and DMA to A4000 motherboard space
  • Compatible with all 68030/040/060 and PPC processor cards
  • Ready for SharkPPC(+) G3/G4 cards
  • Fits in a standard A4000 desktop case (replace the Commodore daughter board)
Included with the Mediator PCI 4000Di is the Mediator Multimedia CD with drivers for Sound, TV tuner, Ethernet 10Mbps, Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps and Graphic PCI cards. For the list of currently supported PCI cards see Mediator Driver Guide.

For more info, see the Mediator PCI 4000Di website.

Pricing and availability
The Mediator PCI 4000Di will be on sale beginning with 1st December 2002 at the suggested retail price of EUR 239.95 (VAT excl.). To locate an authorized distributor in your area or to purchase the product online visit the Elbox Computer website.

Why Mediator?
Do you need your Amiga to display crystal-clear image up to 2048x1536x32@75? Do you want your favourite games to run in accelerated graphics? Take a Voodoo-family PCI graphic card and enjoy its 2D and 3D performance!

Do you want to use a variety of devices connected via the USB port?
Simply install the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed PCI card into the Mediator slot and explore the world of the newest USB devices such as mice, keyboards, tablets, joysticks, printers, scanners, webcams, digicams, flash card readers, zip drives, floppy disk drives, harddisks, memory sticks, ethernet adapters and audio adapters, GPS location devices or finger print readers!

Care for superb high-quality music?
Just install the inexpensive, quality Sound Blaster sound PCI card into the Mediator slot and play your MP3 files at 16 bit resolution!

Want fast network connections to surf the net?
Put a low-cost RTL8139 Fast Ethernet 100Mbps PCI card into the Mediator slot and connect your computer to the network!

Do you want to watch and capture your favourite TV programmes?
With a TV tuner PCI card you can watch TV, but also connect a TV-SAT tuner, a camcorder or a digital camera. Although the full TV image resolution runs at 30 fps in the PIP window on your Workbench screen, it does not use the Amiga processor's time at all!

MEDIATOR - An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Power-up of Your Amiga.

Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

[Meldung: 06. Nov. 2002, 23:49] [Kommentare: 22 - 09. Nov. 2002, 03:26]
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