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Paul Huxham (ANF)

Bildverwaltung: PhotoFolio 2.3 Upgrade
Steeple Software freut sich, die Veröffentlichung von PhotoFolio Version 2.3 bekanntgeben zu können. Nach zwei kostenlosen Updates (2.1 und 2.2), mit welchen schon viele neue Features eingeführt wurden, ist PhotoFolio Version 2.3 ein kostenpflichtiges Update, welches folgende neue Merkmale beinhaltet:

New browse window functionality
  • Sorting ascending and descending in the browse window.
  • Select orphaned proofs (proofs that have no images associated with them).
  • Open with configurable context menu can send a proofs' image to any application.
  • On opening can automatically synchronize the browse window contents with an updated directory.

Better proof management
  • Delete orphaned proofs. Images that have been deleted that have already had proofs created can be deleted automatically.
  • Create proofs for new images. Creates proofs for new images that have been added to directories automatically (where proofs have been created for the directort before).
  • Send a list of proofs and details to a text file.

Improved drag and drop support
  • ARexx scripts can be dropped onto browse windows, the main window and the ARexx settings window.
  • Images can be dragged and dropped from the Workbench to add them to a browse window.

New program windows
  • Path palette window for storing paths that are used often.
  • Directory view module - now has toolbar with copy, move, rename, delete.

Show window
  • Can save the loaded size image or the original full size image.
  • Can perform image processing. Current operators include Flip X and Y, Rotate 90, -90 and 180, Sharpen and Gamma adjustment.

Main window
  • List of open browse and show windows in a menu for easy selection to bring to the front.

  • Per project settings with the SETTINGS tooltype.

ARexx - Additional commands:
  • ADDIMAGE (Adds an image to a browse window)
  • DELETEORPHANEDPROOFS (Deletes proofs that have no image)
  • CREATENEWPROOFS (Creates proofs for new images)
  • SELECTORPHANEDPROOFS (Selects proofs that have no image)

There have also been many minor improvments and several bug fixes. See complete list complete here. With continuing support, PhotoFolio promises to be one of the most powerful image cataloguing systems available on the Amiga platform. PhotoFolio v2.3 is available now. Full purchase details are available here.

Steve Quartly and Paul Huxham
Steeple Software (ps)

[Meldung: 06. Jan. 2003, 09:47] [Kommentare: 11 - 07. Jan. 2003, 08:50]
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