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Grzegorz Kraszewski (ANF)

TTEngine 6.0 und TTManager 1.1
TTEngine ist eine auf TrueType Font basierende Textrendering-Umgebung für AmigaOS. TTEngine Version 6.0 und TTManager Version 1.1 wurden veröffentlicht. Neu sind folgende Merkmale:

  • Font requester in TTEngine. From user point of view it looks almost the same as ASL font requester that every Amigan is familiar with. The font requester uses data stored in "ttengine.database" file and is an easiest way to use the database with applications. Requester gadgetry is based on GadTools to keep independence of disk-based GUI packages and the look consistent with ASL. Three new functions in the library API have been introduced to handle the requester: TT_AllocRequest(), TT_RequestA() and TT_FreeRequest(). See autodoc file for details. Currently the font requester provides only the basic functionality - font family and size - and will be extended in the future versions in the compatible manner (TT_RequestA() is taglist based much like ASL). A new version of "PlainTest" example program uses the font requester.

  • Internal: Cache autooptimisation. TTEngine font cache now modifies its structure in the runtime to minimize cache search time. For example with "PlainTest" example program cache optimization lowers the number of cache search iterations from 15 500 to 6 700.

  • Cache size limit. TTEngine 6.0 font cache size is limited and the limit can be adjusted by user. This way you can avoid memory exhaustion even if working with hundreds of TrueType fonts. When the limit is reached TTEngine starts to flush unused fonts from the cache. Read more about this feature in an User's Guide document in the distributuion archive.

  • Internal: TTEngine global data acces is arbitrated with semaphores. It eliminates a rare possibility of lockups when multiple applications use TTEngine simultaneously.

  • TTManager: The database manager is now aware of cache limit setting saved in the database file.

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