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Halvadjian Georges (ANF)

PerfectPaint V2.92
Von dem Malprogramm PerfectPaint von Halvadjian Georges ist Version 2.92 verfügbar. In dieser Version wurden folgende Merkmale hinzugefügt oder geändert:
  • If you start PerfectPaint from shell, you can specify a filename like this: "PerfectPaint:PerfectPaint DH0:MonImage.iff"
  • Add Horizontal and Vertical Rulers in Pixels, cm and Inches.
  • New Effect: FastPaint
  • New Arexx Command: pp_SetDPI, pp_linepattern
  • Effect can now have his own Density mapping
  • You can now load template (Some Template are available for CD, DVD...)
  • Update Localisation file.
  • Improve 'New' requester: You can select the resolution of the picture (pixels/cm or pixels/Inches). You can enter the size of the picture in Pixels, cm or Inches.
  • Improve Preview effect: Stencil and density mapping are showed now during the preview.
  • Improve Density mapping: New requester, New options, New file requester with thumbnail.
  • Improve Text requester: Arrows key (Up/Down) can be used to select next or previous vectorial font.
  • Improve Processing tool: Much faster, Better aspect.
  • Improve All blending Algorithm (Ouch!!): Better aspect and much faster.
  • Improve Crop, Scale window tool and Crop&Past script: The current mask is not anymore erased.

Note 1: If you have some problems with brush refresh, enable the "Picasso96" tooltype. (the scalepixelarray command will not be used anymore)

Note 2: If you can't save PNG with alphachannel, check that you have installed the PBM datatype. Because PfPaint save his mask in PBM format and PNGtool read this format with the help of the datatype.

Download: PfPaint_V292.lha (nba)

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